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What is callanetics?

Callanetics is a gym for slimming and restoring health. It improves metabolism, relieves back pain, corrects posture, eliminates excess fat. Appearing more than 50 years ago, it is very popular among connoisseurs of plastic and strong body.

The word "callanetics" penetrated our speech from popular TV shows and videos in YouTube. It comes from the English callanetics, which in turn was formed on behalf of the author of a unique wellness system - Callan Pinckney.

Note that Callan Pinkney was a professional American fitness trainer. One day, she felt discomfort in her back and came up with 29 medical exercises that allowed her to forget about the indisposition. So in the 60s of the last century a new type of fitness was born - callanetics. With it, thousands of women around the world were able to improve their health and lose weight.

What is callanetics?

Plastic gymnastics, based on stretching and static loads, is called callanetics. The main effect of this complex is to bring in deep toned muscle groups. No wonder such training is called "deep cultivation."

Regular classes give tangible results. Metabolism is restored, posture is improved, pain in the back is relieved, desired weight loss comes, vigor and good mood appear. Thanks to callanetics, one can acquire ideal body shapes, make it dexterous, flexible, and resilient.

Callanetics: pros and cons

According to reviews of callanetics in women's forums, callanetics has both followers and opponents. The former consider the system to be the panacea of ​​the 21st century and cite the following arguments in its defense:

  • one hour of callanetics can replace a 7-hour shaping or a 24-hour aerobic complex;
  • 10 lessons of callanetics will help to look younger for 10 years - this statement belongs to Callan Pinkney herself, who at 60 looked 30 years old;
  • during the 2 hours following classes, the body still says goodbye to fats: during this time, the calories in two chocolate bars are burned;
  • photos before and after workouts demonstrate moderately thinner beauties; each of them has a butt strong as a nut, the stomach is flat, the skin is smooth and the face is happy; each admits that she lost 10-20 kilograms.

Opponents of this trend in fitness argue that the promising term "callanetica" is nothing more than a dummy behind which is a clever marketing move. As arguments, they cite the following:

  • Callanetics gymnastics is yoga, adapted to the American consumer, who dreams of an easy and fast way to lose weight;
  • in the 80s of the 20th century, the peak of popularity of this complex almost disappeared;
  • resuscitating the system today is an attempt to cash in on a commercial product without acquiring a license, which became possible due to the death of the founder of callanetics in 2012.

Probably the truth, somewhere in the middle. Despite the retro image, the brainchild of Callan Pinkney has a right to exist. In this case, its followers should listen to the recommendations of professionals.

Tips for beginners

  1. Each body has certain capabilities. It is impossible to make an athlete from any person. Therefore, when mastering callanetics, you should not force the whole complex of exercises at once. You only need to do what happens.
  2. Do not expect immediate results, hide the scales from the scales: the first time they will show results higher than expected. There is nothing surprising here: a trained muscle weighs more than a flabby one.
  3. Try to follow your breathing during the lessons, to rest more often, not to make sudden movements. It is best to perform them in front of a mirror: this contributes to successful self-control.

3 main advantages of callanetics

  1. Under this system, it is not necessary to engage in a fitness club. You can perform exercises at home, without having special equipment and equipment.
  2. Smooth movements can minimize the traumatic factor.
  3. The effectiveness of callanetics exercises is combined with their low-cost: they take no more than 3 hours per week. Being engaged in an hour every other day at the initial stage, it is possible in half a month, when the effect becomes noticeable, to reduce the number of trainings to two a week, and later - to one. In addition, each of them can be divided into three 20-minute classes.

Who did not help callanetics for weight loss

Any system of physical activity is not useful to everyone. Callanetics also has its own contraindications:

  • vision problems;
  • severe heart disease;
  • vascular diseases (for example, when varicose veins are not recommended to do squats);
  • bronchial asthma;
  • weakness of the body after an infectious disease;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • postoperative condition (for example, after a cesarean section, it is impossible to start classes for a year and a half).

In any case, to decide whether it is possible to engage in this type of fitness, it is necessary to take advantage of medical advice.

Callanetics is a simple method of healing and body shaping. It does not require much time, do not condemn to grueling workouts, squeezing the press and pumping muscles. Instead, she proposes smooth and graceful movements, calling to follow the rule of Socrates: "As far as possible."

Watch the video: Beginning Callanetics (October 2019).