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How to play with two kids when the youngest is still a baby?

What does the mother of children dream with a small difference in age - baby-pogamok? Of course, about how her kids will have fun and play together together! And they will definitely play together, but ... not immediately.

To take two children in a common game, when the youngest of them is a baby, is not an easy task, requiring imagination and ingenuity.

What games can you offer them?

I conditionally divided them into 3 categories:

  1. Fun entertainment
  2. Games with different levels of difficulty
  3. Games in which the elder helps the mother to teach the brother (sister)

1. Fun entertainment

Already from the moment when the baby begins to smile and laugh, there are several such games. And by the year of the younger the choice is limited only by my mother's desire.


Covering a diaper. A large diaper is placed on the children in turn or together under some kind of saying. And here it is tightened. When the younger one grows up, it is good to play on the big bed while making the bed with new linen.

"Ku-ku". Many options: Mom hides her face from one child then from another; the elder hides his face from the younger; the younger one covers his face with her palms; mother hides from children behind a partition and appears from different sides, etc.

Rozhitsy. Mom makes faces for children, older - younger. It is known that even newborns are trying to repeat facial expressions of an adult. Mom can inflate her cheeks, and children can burst them (the youngest - with mom's help).

"Goat horned goes", "Dariki-Dariki, evil mosquitoes" and the like. Mom needs to cost the children a “goat” in turn, and to the last it is not clear which of them the “goat” gores for this time.

Bubble. The older one bursts and blows. The younger one looks first, then he bursts with his mother's help, and closer to the year - and independently.

Games in the water. Since my daughter learned to laugh, her brother's bathing has always made her laugh. And for some reason, the words "boules-boules" from his mouth evoke a special delight. At first, the daughter simply watched her son bathe, and when she learned to sit steadily, the children began to plop together with pleasure.

"Catch up, catch up, catch up with Masha ... Let's run away, run away, run away from Masha." With the youngest in your arms, you quickly approach the elder, and then quickly move away. Infants 4-8 months are usually in such situations a great laugh.

Mom needs to remember that both babies want to indulge! One tickled - immediately another. One language showed - and bulge the second!

2. Games with different levels of difficulty

There are plenty of them too. I will give a few.

Games with cereals. The first months of a baby's life are useful to start a cereal box, and let the children beat their hands there. It is clear why it is useful: the croup massages the fingers, relieves tension. When the younger is already sitting, he can take the grains into the handle, pour it out. A senior can pour with a spoon or his hands in different containers and even make applications of cereals.

When playing with cereals be especially careful - make sure that the cereal does not hit the child in the mouth and nose.

Games with barley have a minus - inevitable cleaning after the end. Recently, we pour the remnants of the tank (still have to sweep) and stamp feet on the grits.

Well, there is one more minus - a baby can put a grain in its mouth and choke. Need to look carefully. I confess, I sometimes have to put a finger in my daughter's mouth, pull out supplies. From this point of view, a nice semolina.

Cubes and other construction material. The elder is engaged in serious construction, and for the younger one, mom is building side by side so that he can break it. Breaking is also very important. Everyone needs to go through this stage.

Drawing. I do this: I put finger paints on the side of an empty bath and put naked children there. My daughter just touches and wonders, my son smears and draws.

The main idea of ​​this category of games is that children are engaged in one business, but everyone is at a level accessible to him. And mom plays with both at the same time.

3. Games in which the elder helps the mother to teach the brother (sister)

These games become relevant approximately from the age of eight months. When the baby is taught the gestures "bye-bye", "how big the world is", etc. And then, when the younger one begins to pronounce the first words.

Ask the elder: "Vanya, wave" bye bye. "He waves." And now Misha wave "bye bye." That is, ask the firstborn to show the little brother how to do it. And the younger one - to show where the little sister has eyes, nose, and other important things.

In general, you can think of what to play with two at once, while the younger one is such a crumb. And yet, I so want the kids to quickly begin to play together themselves ...

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