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Editor'S Choice - 2019

How to add hygge to life and feel happy: 2 recipes

To become happy, like the Danes, in the warm season is even easier - you just have to go out and change your view on what surrounds you a little. A camera can “catch” with a glance for trifles, a camera will help to discover beauty in details, and on a bicycle you, on the contrary, will see everything as in a movie - but at the same time feel the joy of movement. Where to go for happiness with a bicycle and a camera?

Happiness is a bicycle

Denmark is called the nation of great lovers. Almost half of the Danes get to study or work on bicycles. Residents of Denmark are confident that riding bicycles is not just useful. Bicycle makes people happier.

This view, of course, can be classified as subjective and not taken seriously. But it is better to try to test it in practice.

Even if you haven’t rode a bicycle since childhood - you can be sure your body remembers how it is done. To ride a bike is really impossible to unlearn. If you have once learned this - this skill with you will remain forever.

Choose a safe place - alleys of the park, bike lanes, and for lack thereof, wide sidewalks, preferably in poorly populated areas of the city. You will see that even familiar and familiar terrain will open up to you from the other side. You will see your city or district with new eyes.

Ride slowly, often stop to rest, tune in a contemplative mood, admire all those passing by. Enjoy and do not rush. Maybe you will feel that the bike makes you happier.

Happiness with a camera

Where you and your camera are, you need quite a bit for the appearance of Hugge!

Now it is very rare to meet a person who never photographs anything. Available digital cameras, phones and tablet computers with a photographic function turned each of us into a photographer.

Do you always carry your devices with you? Fine. Then you can at least sometimes find half an hour of time to deviate from your usual route and just take a walk, setting yourself the goal of photographing everything that seems interesting.

Hyugge has particular attention to detail. The very process of photographing sets us up to become more attentive and to see something that, when we have a cursory examination, eludes our eyes.

Take a camera or any other device with the function of shooting and walk for half an hour where you like. Or just walk along the familiar street on your way home. You can combine this with a bike ride.

You can specifically go to where you can take pictures of beautiful flowers or an unusual tree, capture some monument or interesting building. You can walk along the most ordinary street or alley of the park and see something new there that you haven’t noticed before.

Do not set a goal to make some unique shots or capture something unusual. Your task is to enjoy the process.

The main thing - do not rush, enjoy the walk. Look around and notice some interesting or eye-catching details. Maybe you will notice an old balcony with an unusual lattice pattern, or some special laying of the wall, or a fall leaf that has picturesquely fallen on the asphalt, or the first bloomed spring flower. Be grateful to every such trifle, because in the little things the beauty and diversity of life manifests itself.

Go slowly. Keep your camera ready and look carefully not only on the sides, but also up and down, under your feet. You will be surprised at how many interesting details can be seen, if you really look, and not run past in a hurry! And discover the simple truth: a camera can also be a source of happiness!

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