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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Like Tinder: An App to make a baby!

You probably know Tinder. I probably do not need to tell you about that. But did you know that there is also an App to make babies? The App works in the same way as the Tinder App, with swiping! Swipe to the right if you have found the suitable sperm donor and left if you do not like it.
I was just as surprised as you are now: One App to make a baby or looking for a sperm donor? It should not be crazier.

Just a baby: Find a surrogate mother, partner or an egg or sperm donor

Last September an App was launched by a British sperm bank to find sperm donors. This was an App for women who can browse through the profiles of men to find a suitable father for their child. London Sperm Bank Donors is called this App.

Swiping to find a sperm donor

Just a Baby goes one step further. Not only women can look for sperm and seed donors with this new App. No, couples can also use Just a baby to search for a suitable surrogate mother if they themselves have difficulty getting pregnant.

On the website of "Just a Baby" the following is stated: "We can help you find a surrogate, partner, co-parent, sperm or egg donor - or find someone who needs your help to have a baby". In other words, not only a surrogate or sperm donor can be found, perhaps you will find the love of your life.

For couples who have difficulty getting pregnant

Actually, it is not even that crazy thought: An app to find a sperm donor. Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant or are of the same sex. The process of finding a donor or surrogate mother is not that easy. Just a Baby is trying to change this.

How does this App work to make a baby?

Just a Baby was launched in February of this year and connects people who want to make a baby. If you dream of a baby and you do not need to go through the entire registration process of a sperm bank, this can be the way to find a suitable father. Download the App, create a profile and answer the following questions:

  • Are you looking for an egg or a sperm donor?
  • What age should the donor have?
  • How far away can the donor live?

You are now ready to get started. As with Tinder, swipe left for "No" and swipe to the right for "Yes". It is so easy to find a surrogate or sperm donor with Just a Baby.
If the other user swiped to the right then there is a match and you have found someone.

Who is this App suitable for?

For anyone who wants a baby but does not have a right partner and for everyone who wants to help with it. Just a Baby is free and can be downloaded in the Appstore and Google Play store. In a short time there are already thousands of people who have downloaded the Just a Baby.