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And the child has a mom

"There is a mother bear, a mother has a baby cub, there is a mother with the smallest kitten, and the child has a mother - Favorite, glorious most ..." I don’t know the author of these lines and don’t remember the continuation of the poem, my daughter knows by heart. She told him 2 years ago in kindergarten at a celebration dedicated to Mother's Day. It is a good holiday, and it is a pity that in our country they began to celebrate it recently.

Mother's Day in Russia was established in 1998, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 120 of January 30, 1998. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of November. In recent years, for me, this holiday is becoming the most beloved. Of course, every year I’m happy to wait for the New Year holidays, always prepare for them in advance, I love to decorate the Christmas tree with children, give and receive gifts. I also love the birthdays of my children. I always try to make them fun and memorable. I am pleased to receive guests and celebrate many other holidays. But Mom's holiday for me has a special, philosophical meaning. This is a celebration of eternity.

This holiday acquired special significance for me 7 years ago, when I myself became a mother. Since then, Mother’s Day has always been celebrated in our house, and earlier that day I simply congratulated my mother by phone.

How do we celebrate Mother's Day? Very simple. I cook a delicious lunch, bake my favorite family cake with apple filling and accept congratulations from my husband, the eldest daughter, who will definitely give me a homemade postcard or drawing. The younger one does not congratulate yet - she still does not know how to talk and knows how to make postcards. Itself I congratulate familiar women who took place as mothers and grandmothers.

On Mother's Day, the whole family is trying to get out somewhere: we are going to my husband's parents or to my parents, congratulations to our mothers and grandmothers, the eldest daughter recites poems, and the youngest just makes everyone happy with her smiles. Well, if we don’t go to visit our relatives on this day, we will certainly congratulate them by phone and go for a walk in the park. We walk along the alleys, admire the nature and birds, we see the smiles of our daughters and other children, we hear their laughter. Children - our continuation, and from the realization of this mood becomes especially festive.

I also always went to the kindergarten with pleasure to see the holiday in honor of Mother's Day, which our children organized for us, mummies, together with the teacher. It is very touching to listen to poems and songs about mom, which children diligently perform. At such events, many mothers, including myself, sneak away tears. These are tears of tenderness and love, joy and pride for their children.

This year, the eldest daughter went to school, there, too, do not forget about Mother's Day and all the mothers and grandmothers were invited to the city museum. A small cultural program devoted to the holiday was held in the museum, and our first graders organized a real concert, games and fun tasks for us, in which both mothers and children took part.

Well, that in the garden and the school paid attention to this holiday. This helps to instill in children a respectful attitude not only to their mother, but also to mothers and grandmothers in general.

I want to appeal to everyone who read it to the end: our life is generally rich for holidays - New Year, Christmas, May holidays, birthdays, weddings, professional holidays ... Some of them we try to celebrate with a big noisy and fun company, get ready they are celebrated in advance, others are modestly celebrated in the circle of people close and dear to us, for others we don’t pay our attention at all ... This is as usual. But among all the other holidays there is one that does not necessarily pompously celebrate and prepare for it long before it starts. About him just do not need to forget. This is Mother's Day. Congratulate on this day your mother, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, grandmother ... Congratulations, even if you do not like them very much: believe me, they are very pleased to hear words of gratitude for their work, for work to be a mother. To be a mother, to see how your children grow, how they perceive the world, grow up, take the first steps into adulthood. This is not only happiness, but also a huge responsible work. Work that requires a lot of patience, endless attention; work without weekends and holidays, not tolerating absenteeism and sloppiness. Work, in the performance of which you need to invest all your soul, your skills and knowledge, constantly improve your personality. And at least once a year, on Mother's Day, it’s not difficult to dial a familiar phone number, wait for an answer and just say: "Mom, congratulations, thank you for everything. I love and appreciate you very much." Wish your mother health and well-being, say good and kind words to them, speak not only on this day, speak more often while they are alive while they are with us. And in general, congratulate on this holiday all the women you know, who have already become or are just preparing to become a good mother.

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