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Rest in Dubai: all world cuisines, ski resort and Thai massage

Dubai is a great solution for a short family vacation trip, especially in spring. In March, in the UAE, plus 30, and all the attractions of the main emirate can be viewed in a few days. We tell what to see for adults and children, what restaurants and beaches to visit.

Dubai is like a colony in orbit, attracting immigrants from other planets that are less modern and livable: everything is here, including multinational cuisine, a ski resort, Thai massage and skyscrapers to the sky.

The emirate who made a rustle in the world, having started at once a dozen of “construction projects of the 21st century”, went quiet during the crisis, but did not give up. The tallest building in the world and one of the gigantic bulk islands were completed. But the main thing that the sheikh of Dubai succeeded in was creating a hub here for all types of business, from banking to hotel business.

Communicating with expats from around the world who live here for five, ten, or even twenty years, you see in front of you happy migrants. Europeans are fleeing taxes, Russians, Ukrainians, and even Uzbeks - from the cold winter, Indians and Pakistanis - from poverty. Multinationality is one of the most attractive sides of Dubai. Local (according to statistics, only about 12%) you can only see in the malls, along which they swim with their wives, without giving the tourists a glance from under thick eyebrows.

Dubai, of course, implies some kind of mandatory program: to get to the Burj Khalifa, to ski in Ski Dubai (the Russians ignore this point), to ride a dhow boat in the bay, jutting into the desert and dividing Dubai into two parts, to go on a safari, Ras al-Khor reserve to admire the flamingos, get on the tour bus to the palace of Sheikh Mohammed and scare the hordes of peacocks along the way.

It is even more correct after all these “wows” to look for small and understandable pleasures in Dubai: sign up for a massage or a terribly popular procedure for cleaning your ears with wax. Eat perfectly cooked sea bass in a restaurant overlooking the city. Long pick a tart oriental flavor in the shops of a stylized Arab bazaar. True, it is necessary to abandon the thought of walking: Imagine that you are really in open space, where parts of the colony are connected by highways and subways.

What to see?

Center for Cultural Cooperation Sheikh Mohammed (26, Al Mussallah Road, Al Fahidi District, Bur Dubai). For relatively little money (a ticket costs from 500 to 850 rubles) you can learn about the history, culture and lifestyle of the Arab population, try traditional dishes and ask friendly guides questions that they will gladly answer. To explore the entire complex, built in 1998, it will take at least 3 hours. Open from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00, on Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00.

Dubai Metro. Dubai Metro opened on September 9, 2009 at 9 o'clock 9 minutes and 9 seconds. Cars are automatic, without drivers. Traveling on the “golden map” in the first car with soft seats can successfully replace a city tour: you can admire a panorama of sparkling skyscrapers and feel like a pilot of a spacecraft. There are land, underground and even underwater areas in the illuminated tunnel under the bay. Especially recommend the site from the station Ibn Battuta Mall to Karama. Station names are announced in Arabic and English and are duplicated on the scoreboard. In the subway you can not eat, eat, chew gum - violators ruthlessly fined.

Burj Khalifa (1, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai). Tickets to the observation deck of the tallest building in the world are recommended to book online for 2-3 weeks (about 1100 rubles) in order to avoid queues and a 4-fold overpayment. The site is open from 10 am to one at night. Better to come at sunset: in the afternoon the panorama is rather monotonous.

Jumeirah Mosque. Dubai’s largest mosque, Jumeirah, is part of the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Cooperation. Stunning beauty of architecture and interiors, lush garden. The tour lasts 75 minutes. Photo and video shooting is allowed. The mosque is closed on Fridays.

Palm Island Jumeirah. The impressive creation of human hands is a palm-shaped bulk island with a beautiful view of Dubai. You can get here by monorail or by taxi. An island of beautiful cars, expensive villas and impressive hotels.

All the cuisines of the world

Many, arriving in Dubai, immediately begin to demand a "traditional Arabic" and in search of the perfect shawarma go to the historical part of the city, to Deira. But Deira is no match for the Moroccan and Lebanese markets. A hundred years ago there was a fishing village in place of Dubai, it is strange to look here for the historical and traditional. His story is being created now - where else can you see this? Dubai's cuisine is a mixture of Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Jordanian, Iranian traditions, that is, the food of all those peoples, by whose efforts the city was built.

If you like to eat tasty, a lot and in the crowd - go to Al-Dhiaf street. Try juicy lamb in the Pars Iranian Kitchen or flavored Pakistani curry in Ravi opposite. Desert dishes - hummus, falafel, white cheeses like halloumi, as well as dates can be easily tasted in the hotel’s restaurant - they are served for breakfast. But Dubai is a paradise for lovers of high cuisine. The city is ideally located in terms of deliveries: airplanes, ships bring the best products from Asia and Europe here. After them, talented chefs arrive in Dubai - they are here.

In Dubai, there are restaurants of all cuisines of the world. Ask the locals what new things have opened up in the city or what kind of restaurant they have. From fresh intelligence: the new Mekong at the Anantara Hotel claims to be the best Thai restaurant in the city, and the menu also includes dishes from neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Or head to the al-Bahar Indoor Market at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. It is easy to find dozens of glorious restaurants; many are proud owners of terraces overlooking the tallest building in the world.

Without leaving the market, you can take a small round-the-world gastronomic tour: eat a juicy Cuban sandwich at Cafe Habana, pick up Spanish tapas or French desserts at La Posteria, feast on Italian fish Bice Mare, splash on sushi at Sake No Hana from the creators of London Hakkasan - and so to infinity.

Beach holiday

JBR beach is adored by locals and tourists with children. It is located at the foot of Jumeirah palm, in the so-called Marina. Here, freely, two steps away - JBR promenade with a scattering of ice-cream parlors, burger-joints and other places of entertainment. But for those for whom meeting with the sea is a high hedonistic pleasure, it is best to leave on the Jumeirah palm tree - so far the only one out of the three planned.

Palm is arranged in this way: multi-storey condominiums are on the “trunk”, private villas are on the “branches”, and a sandy halo around the “crowns” is built up with resort hotels of the main chains of the world. One of the last in the collection is the hotel of the Thai Anantara chain: at the junction of the desert and the salty Persian Gulf, they staged villas on the water, exactly the same as in the Maldives, the only ones in Dubai. They differ from the Maldivian ones in that the terraces overlook not only the sea, but also the lights of the big city. This hotel, by the way, belongs to the person who invented Dubai “palm trees”, and this, one may say, is one of the most interesting projects of our time.

There is also a pretty kitesurfing beach overlooking the “sail” of Burj Al Arab and the Bou Kteir beach in the heart of the residential area of ​​Jumeirah, but not crowded, it is famous for the Bu Qtair restaurant with the freshest fish and seafood.

Vacation with children

Dolphin Bay. Dolphinarium is located in the hotel Atlantis, The Palm, here you can arrange a fun photo session and swimming with dolphins.

Al Sahra Desert Resort. In the Al Sahra Desert Resort ride through the desert by jeep, and already there you can ride a quad bike, camel and Arabian horses. In the evening, guests will enjoy a traditional dinner and a belly dance show. Be sure to take warm clothes.

KidZania. Children's country in Dubai Mall, where you can try 80 different professions - fireman, policeman, pilot, cook, doctor. Lots of joy and invaluable experience. Children above 120 cm are allowed without parents, but it would be good for them to know English.

Waterpark Wild Wadi Water Park. The winner of TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2013 among the best amusement parks and water parks in the world is located in front of the world-famous Burj Al-Arab (Parus) hotel. There is a free fall slide and even a tunnel with sharks.

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