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Vegetables on the balcony: 5 secrets of the harvest

If you want to grow a small garden on a loggia or even a window sill, now is the time to do it. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, grown by you, will certainly be the most delicious and will decorate the interior during flowering and fruiting.

Of course, he will not be able to fully feed his family, but will allow not only to save a little, but also to get moral satisfaction. It's so nice not only to see the result of your work, but also to taste it. The vegetables grown with their own hands are always the most delicious and fragrant, because you have grown them with love.

Usually, people try to grow vegetables on the windowsill in the middle of winter. When cottages are covered with snow, and you want to tinker with the ground.

But this is a lesson for more experienced vegetable growers (lighting is needed, and this minimizes all savings). Now the light day is very long and it is not difficult to grow a crop on the windowsill. The main thing - the desire and a little patience.

Bad ecology is a fly in the ointment in our barrel of honey, the air in cities is not particularly clean. But after all, the products we buy on the market are far from being grown in environmentally friendly areas.

Besides, it is unknown how much toxic chemicals they had to absorb. And in your miniature garden you can reduce the flow of harmful substances into vegetables.

It is enough to follow the basic rules:

  • soil organic matter makes mercury, lead and cadmium less accessible to plants;
  • sulfur-containing fertilizers limit the mobility of mercury and make it inaccessible to plants;
  • soil liming prevents large amounts of harmful chemicals from accumulating in the fruit. You can use for this and infusion of wood ash, brought from a picnic.

Cucumbers on the balcony

Crunchy cucumbers - the most common vegetable on our window sills.

They grow quickly and now it is still safe to grow them from seeds. When choosing a variety, give preference to self-bearing greenhouse hybrids.

The pot for the plant must be at least five liters (preferably ten). At the bottom, be sure to lay drainage (expanded clay, clay shards). The soil should be loose, fertile and not acidic.

Add 10 liters of substrate 2 tbsp. spoons nitrophoska, 1 tsp. magnesium sulfate, 1-2 cups of wood ash. It is advisable to pre-soak the seeds, and then sow one per pot.

It would be nice to "settle" cucumber on the east window. On the south side can not do without protection from the scorching rays of the sun.

Cucumbers grow well and bear fruit with high humidity. Put water containers on the window sill and on hot days moisten the air from the sprayer with a fine spray (so that there are no drops on the leaves).

Feed the plant start a month after planting. Now on sale a large selection of fertilizers for each particular crop, it is very convenient to use them.

Take care of the trellis, so that the cucumber vine clings beautifully to the window. In the lower 4-6 nodes need to remove the side shoots and female flowers. The remaining side shoots need to be shortened.

Carefully read the recommendations on the bag of seeds. After all, each variety has its own characteristics.

Tomatoes on the balcony

Tomatoes are increasingly “conquering” window sills.

Breeders have brought a lot of varieties of tomato specifically for growing in the room. They are distinguished by compact size of the bush and high decorative.

The fruits on them are small, but very tasty and fragrant. And due to the fact that there are many of them on the bush, the harvest is quite decent.

In the market the season of selling seedlings is not over. Buy a few bushes and you will see that growing tomatoes on the windowsill is not at all difficult.

Roomy pot, good drainage, nutritious soil - these are the main conditions for success.

Tomatoes do not like humid air, they do not need to be sprayed. Watering the soil in hot weather should be daily, in cloudy - once a week.

It is enough to feed the plants once a month. During flowering twigs need a little shake to improve pollination.

Do not pick tomatoes unripe. Spice on a bush, they become fragrant and juicy. That is what we lack in the purchased fruits.

Perfectly grow on the windowsills and relatives of tomatoes - eggplant.

Pepper - a real find for a miniature garden. Especially sharp. It has a compact bush and colorful bright small fruits.

Growing pepper looks like a gorgeous bouquet, and its benefits are considerable. Fruits can be dried and one plant will fully satisfy your needs for a hot pepper.

If you want to grow sweet peppers on the balcony, one plant will not be enough. It is not too late to buy seedlings on the market. Choose a variety with medium-sized fruits.

Colorful peppers look beautiful on one window. But spicy with a sweet next to grow is not worth it. It is better to place them in different rooms. Otherwise, the fruits of all the bushes can become bitter.

The main requirement of pepper - loose substrate. Roots must breathe. Do not overdo it with watering and more often (but not deeply) loosen the soil.

Water only with warm water. If the weather is hot, wet the leaves in the morning and evening.

Greens and spices on the balcony

Greens and spices are also absolutely necessary to always have on hand. In order not to buy a bunch of parsley or dill, when you need only one twig.

In the room you can grow different varieties of lettuce, mustard, dill and all sorts of spices.

By adding them to salads, meat dishes, soups, you can add completely new tastes to the most ordinary dishes. In addition, this is a real storehouse of vitamins.

These plants are ripening and easy to care for. But there is one feature - the temperature should be 18-20 degrees. It is better to postpone their sowing until early autumn.

The choice of crops for your window sill depends on taste and imagination. You can just dig parsley, mint, perennial onions and all that you like at the cottage and transplant them in pots. It will be very simple, beautiful, convenient and profitable.

5 secrets of success mini-garden on the balcony

1. Prefer small-fruited, but high-yielding hybrids and varieties.

In a small area, it is difficult for a plant to feed large fruits, they will turn out to be small or they will not mature for a long time.

Small fruits ripen gradually, and every day you will be able to pick fresh vegetables for dinner.

2. Do not let the soil dry out. In the heat it happens very often. The plant can shed flowers and ovary. If you do not have time to monitor the soil moisture, arrange a "watering system."

Dig a plastic bottle into the ground, making several holes in it. Which side to dig in depends on the size of the pot. The main thing is to have a funnel on the surface for filling the water.

Roots will constantly receive moisture, and from above the earth will not become covered by a crust.

3. Protect the plants from the scorching rays of the sun. Burns on the leaves and the harvest can significantly reduce, and the appearance of the plant will spoil.

"Toned" glass with white paper - and the room will not be so hot, and the plants will be more comfortable.

4. Do not abuse fertilizers, the saying "you will not spoil the porridge with oil" is inappropriate here.

The rate specified in the instructions for fertilizer can not be exceeded. Better yet, divide it by two times (better to feed more often).

In order not to burn the roots, first water the plant with clean water, and only then with fertilizer solution.

5. Do not make the plants compete. Having planted two bushes in one pot, you will not increase the harvest, but, on the contrary, you can lose it altogether.

If the extra plants have nowhere to transplant - it is better to throw them away at all, and then the rest will thank you with a generous harvest.

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