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Modern technology for modern women

Even in antiquity, women easily coped with several things at the same time: they cooked food for the whole community, were engaged in housekeeping, not forgetting to monitor the safety of their children. Modern women manage to be a successful business woman, while remaining a loving and attentive mother. How is this possible? The answer is simple: with the help of modern technology.


Modern business is, above all, a battle for information. That is why most successful businessmen are always surrounded by a lot of gadgets. Laptops, tablet computers, smartphones - without this it is simply impossible to do while working. Manufacturers of such devices are closely watching the world of business, so almost every day comes this or that "lotion" or application that is designed to make life easier for the modern business woman.


If you often have to give presentations on duty, and it’s very expensive to carry a heavy projector and computer with you, there’s a solution: just supply your iPhone with one pleasant addition - the MiLi Power Pico Projector. With it, you can show a presentation almost anywhere and at any time. During the presentation, your smartphone can help in another way. The mbPointer application will turn it into a convenient console for managing slides. And you no longer have to ask someone to switch slides or to distract yourself the most.


Skype, installed on a smartphone or laptop, will help you to make calls to your colleagues anywhere in the world easily and inexpensively. This program is already available for all types of operating systems - Windows, Android, Symbian, as well as for iPhone and iPad. With Skype you can make any type of call: Skyp-to-Skype (free voice and video calls) or calls from Skype to mobile and landline numbers.

With Skype you can organize entire video conferences. And you do not need to fly anywhere to meet new customers or partners - you can see them on your computer screen. To do this, simply arrange a time and call on Skype. During conferences, the Screensharing function can also be useful - participants will be able to see each other’s desktops.

Check your mail and read the latest news on the Internet now can be almost everywhere, if you have a Skype account. Skype WiFi service is designed specifically for people who spend a lot of time traveling. You need to find the access point of Skype WiFi (and there are millions of them all over the world - cafes, hotels, airports, etc.), and you are already in the vast Global Web. This service is not only convenient, but also beneficial: in Russia, for example, 1 minute of such WiFi costs only 6 cents. Money is debited from your Skype account, and only real time spent on the Internet is paid.

The Skype To Go service, with which you can make low-cost calls to mobile numbers at very competitive rates, will again help you share your business success with colleagues or family.

Smartphone Assistant

FlightTrackPro application will help you plan your flight - you will receive detailed information on all flights, schedule changes, and boarding gate numbers.

If you have to visit different countries, and there is no time to learn the language, just download the free Talk to Me app. You simply speak any phrase in the phone in Russian, and the smartphone automatically translates and voices it in a foreign language (the main European languages ​​are available).


However, business is business, but do not forget about your family.

Many celebrities do this easily: Kylie Myonog spends most of her time away from her homeland. However, Kylie can always connect with his family via Skype. The singer herself says: “Of course, I haven’t seen my family for a long time. We’re too far away from each other: I’m in London and they’re in Australia. But we regularly communicate via Skype.”

Modern technology will help not only business women, but also, for example, young mothers. Sandra Bullock, a famous American actress, admitted in an interview: "The beauty of the modern world is manifested in technologies such as Skype and iChat. Every five minutes, my phone informs me of everything I need. Lewis [the actress’s son] already has an iPad, both iPhone and iChat computer. "

Moms to help

Young mothers are usually very hard - they have to be torn between the baby, family, household and constantly remember a lot. Do not forget anything important will help the application EverNote. They remembered that they had to buy something around the house - they wrote it down. Your child made a sweet face - photographed and laid out in a social network. Read an interesting article on the Internet - saved it on your smartphone. All material is conveniently organized, so there will be no search problems.

If your children are already quite mature, then you can also attach them to high technology. For example, the children of Tina Kandelaki have been calling up on Skype for a long time and are doing homework together. And Tina herself is in favor of introducing this service in schools so that schoolchildren can, for example, learn a foreign language with its speakers without leaving their hometown.

Whether you are a successful business woman or a caring mother, modern technologies make life much easier. They help to use their time and money efficiently, and also once again demonstrate that it is easy and pleasant to keep up with the times.

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