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What will be the birth, it depends on you

I am not a master at writing long stories. And generally write. But I really want to share with you my impressions about the joyful event in my life. So…

I began to prepare for motherhood and childbirth very early. And I did all the above actions purely intuitively. Nobody told me anything. Even at 15 years old (now I am 26) I started doing gymnastics every day for 30 minutes.

Only now, after childbirth, I understand how much it helped me, because some exercises make me work and train not only the external muscles, but also the internal muscles, including the muscles of the uterus. Thanks to this preparation, I practically did not feel pain during the fights (and in general I endure the pain very hard, I'm terribly afraid of injections and all kinds of droppers). Secondly, I gained such a good press for myself that after giving birth my waist remained as thin as before! And there is practically no effort, just for several years, while watching TV in the evening, spinning a hoop, squatting, squeezing and swinging the press. 20-30 min. And that's it! Even when I got pregnant (and this happened at the age of 25), I continued to do squats and some other light exercises available for pregnant women.

Now, after the birth, I learned that the squats are preparing the muscles of the perineum for childbirth. And thanks to this, it is possible to avoid ruptures. So I gave birth without a single break and cut baby in 3800 grams. weight. Even during pregnancy I tried to walk a lot, especially I liked the almost daily walking trip to the country - 4 km uphill. Again, the doctors told me that this played a significant role in the rapid disclosure of the cervix during labor.

My fights lasted only 5 hours, and I spent 2 of them at home (she set up an enema, shaved, washed). Still, while I was pregnant, I got into the habit of such a procedure: while reading or watching a movie or preparing a meal, I squeezed and unclenched the muscles of the perineum, it seemed to be called the Kegel exercise. Very helpful, I want to say!

And finally - during pregnancy I smeared my whole body with olive oil, I wore a bandage and a bra for pregnant and lactating women. I only took off for the night, but at night I put on a cotton topic, which holds the heavy chest well. As a result, not a single stretch, and the shape of the breast remained, although it increased by 2 sizes.

I did not listen to any advice, I was guided by some kind of my inner wise voice. If I could do it all - a lazy person, then you can prepare your body for childbirth. As your intuition tells you.

As you understood from my story, I gave birth easily and quickly. My happiness knew no bounds, I remember childbirth with nostalgia, because how beautiful and natural it is for a woman to give birth to a man. Life is Beautiful!

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