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Granite Science under the sauce, or Study as a hobby

You can talk a lot about the role of education in the modern world. “Knowledge is power,” says a famous saying that has become a saying. The obviousness of the fact that education is the best, the most promising investment in the future is hardly questionable, and therefore we will be stingy with high-sounding epithets about the happiness of children, which their parents should, and of course, want to give them.

All this is understandable without words and, perhaps, even trite. So the discussion in this article is not about capitals and cloying teeth of cloying truths, but about what to avoid writing: for example, that children, for the most part, do not want to learn. And, strange as it may sound, they often do it right.

Perhaps, we will not discover America if we say that our school education is one of the most boring things in the world.

At the very time when children are most open to new things, when they want to make their little discoveries with all the fibers of their souls, when the world is poured for them with the brightest colors ... school "write different letters with a thin feather in a notebook."

As a result, learning becomes a kind of child's duty, and not a fascinating pastime. Parents, of course, want to give their children education for all the same understandable reasons, which you probably heard, or read in advertising and informational articles of various courses, schools, and so on. Here are just children do not seek to sit at the desk. There are exceptions, of course, but they only confirm the rule. We will tell our story about whether it is possible to convince children after all.

So, suppose you decide to enroll your child in English courses. Great choice! Such classes are useful in themselves, since they contribute to the development of creativity, logic, critical thinking, initiative, erudition, and ability to work in a team. Today only lazy did not speak about the benefits of owning the most common language in the world. And once again we will not repeat that the knowledge of the English language opens many doors in further education, in a career and in life.

If your child is 4 years old - it's time to enroll in a children's school. Early? By no means. According to research conducted by the International Center for the Study of Foreign Languages ​​EF English First in conjunction with the University of Cambridge, children of this age can successfully learn a foreign language. Moreover, at this age, they had not yet had time to receive an inoculation from the desire to study in a secondary school.

Today in Russia, schools of the English language are opening, focused directly on teaching children of different ages. In particular, the company English First recently announced the opening of new children's schools of English, which on September 10 holds an Open Doors Day and invites all parents and their children to come and learn about new schools, special education programs for children of different ages and a special system of grants for free semi-annual education provided for children.

But if older children have already appreciated all the "joys" of the schooling process, they may not show much zeal. Education from under the stick did not go to anyone, and the hope that the child will ever appreciate and thank, as you understand, is very vague.

The child wants to play computer, spend time on the street, communicate with friends ... So, let him play, spend time and communicate!

And now briefly about why there is no paradox here.

In fact, there are already positive changes in the methods of teaching English. Teaching in general and teaching for children in particular has already significantly gone beyond the customary formal education that we all encountered in high school.

Modern learning is based on the interaction of students with the teacher and with each other, so that children not only learn and acquire useful knowledge, but also communicate, make new acquaintances, find friends.

Extracurricular activities? How much you want. Training in a natural, relaxed atmosphere outside the classroom has already been used by so many. For example, the English school EF English First regularly conducts visiting sessions and thematic classes, which are called Life Club.

Not spared the educational process and the introduction of new technologies. The active use of various multimedia educational materials, flash cards with 3D graphics, audio and video clips, interactive whiteboards, as well as computer programs - this is what characterizes modern educational methods! An example is the online component New Trailblazers from EF. It is an addition to a full-time course designed for children of 10–13 years old, and is an interactive online program in which you can perform various exercises to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. You can familiarize yourself with its demo version for free.

Computer games, outdoor activities, a party, in the end ... With the right approach, all this does not interfere with the learning process and can be sent to a beneficial course. Today, many students study in this style and achieve results: they successfully pass graduation, entrance and even international exams!

Of course, learning is not fun, but a process that requires diligence and patience. And its success depends primarily on the student. However, the motivation for this hard work often consists of trifles, such as the situation in the audience, the originality of the training course, the enthusiasm of the teacher himself ...

It is possible to gnaw granite of science with pleasure - everything depends on the sauce under which it is served, with which dishes and in what setting.

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