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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Leah’s 9th Anniversary in the Academy of Spies

What might be of interest to a group of children of different age, gender and interests? Since we were already pirates, we decided to open the "Academy of Spies" this year.

  1. Invitations - a folder (the usual folder for papers with a label on which the name of the child is written, cut to the desired size) with the inscriptions "Top Secret" and "Confidential". Inside the folder there is an encryption (“Arrive on 07.03.09 at 14.00 at ul. Koykogo, 22-22.), Written in white chalk on white paper. And“ Instruction for a secret agent ”, which briefly described how to read the encryption ( paint with dark paint), requirements for clothes (something dark), please arrive and leave at exactly the specified time.
  2. On the door are the inscriptions: "Academy of Spies", "Entrance by Pass".
    While we are waiting for everyone, we take our fingerprints on the badge. Responsible business was entrusted to the birthday girl, who diligently did the hard work, and then supplied with a wet napkin to wipe her hand after the procedure. Everyone gets their badge with a profile (you can also have a photo of a child, if you can find photos of all those invited), thumb, full name and the number of completed missions (years lived). Badges we had two colors - blue and green. Handing the badge, we warn that they are divided into teams by color.
  3. Director-Agent M.’s introductory remarks on what secret agents should be and how they will now be checked for professional suitability.

Skill check


On a large sheet of drawing paper there is a picture of a detective with a magnifying glass. A huge eye is cut out under a magnifying glass, secret agents of one team take turns in putting their own eyes there, and members of the other team must guess who it is. To complicate the task, all the agents stood on a small chair (exclude a guess at the legs), high squats, small ones pulled out, all gave "false leads". There was no end to the fun, I had to play 3 laps.


  1. Two people sit opposite each other, between them a mountain of socks. They choose one sock and prepare to pull it. They are blindfolded. The task is to pull as many socks as possible in one minute. It was even more interesting to take off the socks than to pull them on - try to remove 10-12 socks from one foot yourself.
  2. One member of the team blows soap bubbles, and the second blows so that the bubble hits the target (a simple piece of paper corresponding to the color of the team glued to the wall). This requires real skill, someone has it, someone is in the formation stage, so the score was devastating 12:58.

Speed ​​and onslaught

It was necessary to inflate the balls with the letters inside. Give each team its own bunch of balls. The task - to burst the ball, sitting on it. A word is made up of letters by each team, and together the instruction turns on "Turn on the tape recorder". The noisiest competition and quite difficult - I had to give the first letters of words.


The tape reads the following message: "The secret weapon is in the house. Your mission is to find and destroy it. Your clues are hidden. Your task is to find out from the foreign agent where they are. Find out who this agent is. He is dark, with black hair, from a country where tangerines grow, he has an accent. Hurry up, the weapon must be destroyed. Or it will destroy you. Your opponent will hunt him, do not let him get ahead of you. " The role of an agent is played by a hot Georgian guy who, after much persuasion, will give the teams the 1st key (each with its own, in different color envelopes). The teams work in parallel, the 4th key is the same for them.

Key 1. "The enemy was seen at breakfast" (Key on the kitchen table).

Key 2. "The latest news can be in your email" (Key under the cover of the laptop)

Key 3. "Do not let him get ahead of you, check the fingerprints where the opposite is true" (Key on the bathroom mirror with a fingerprint on the sheet).

Key 4. One for all.

Key 1. "See the news - the enemy does not sleep!" (Key on the TV).

Key 2. "He is trying to wash off the tracks. He is about to wash away!" (The key on the toilet)

Key 3. "Look for the mark where you have trampled" (Key on the footprint on the front door)

Key 4. “Look for a smart blonde” (Blonde gives tasks, for the correct answer - part of a map puzzle, from which it is clear that the weapon is in the fridge. This is a cake that says “Destroy Immediately!”).

After the successful destruction of the cake (as well as other snacks) a solemn presentation of certificates is held. Everyone takes home a badge, a certificate and a small gift.

By the way, the holiday turned out to be budget - I chose a black and white version of all printed materials. Therefore, I was able to print all the houses. She also baked the cake herself, the children were treated to vegetables, fruits, light sandwiches and ice cream, so the table was not out of the rut. It was our lowest-cost holiday, and we got pleasure for a million.

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