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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Enjoy your honor to create

I gave birth three and a half months ago. Until now, tears of happiness come to my eyes when I remember how I heard my baby's voice for the first time: first sobbing, gurgling and coughing up water, and then a cry ...

It happened on the night of August 20-21. I went to bed with a bad mood, everything was aching (as usual), plus everything appeared to have some kind of inconvenience in the pelvic region. I, as often happened, screamed at my husband, said that if he were in my place, I would not climb to embrace. I settled down, but I didn’t manage to fall asleep. Vova (synulka) seemed to sleep just as calmly in his tummy as his dad did. About 12 o'clock I was able to fall asleep, but at 2 o'clock I woke up from a weak pain in the lower abdomen (at that time it seemed to be a weak pain because the whole body ached). After about 15 minutes, I felt a wet stain appeared beneath me. I looked, the stain was watery, colorless. I pushed my husband once, twice, three, he asked displeased: "What, again?" I told him: "I think the waters have diverted." He immediately stood at attention. And with frightened eyes he exclaimed: “What? How? I need to do something ...” I laughed at his reaction. Strange, of course, but I reassured him, and not he me. I called an ambulance, they arrived 15 minutes later.

My husband went with me. In the maternity hospital, I was drafted and taken to the “box” (single chamber for childbirth), the midwife looked at me and said that it was not the water that had flown off, but the mucous membrane, that the amniotic bubble was intact, but I’m giving birth today ... I waited. " Then, as expected, we performed all the procedures, removed the cardiogram from the baby (this is done using some kind of sensors), and I heard his heart beating.

At 5 in the morning the doctor came, looked at me and said that I could still sleep, that the birth would not begin soon. But I couldn't sleep that night: the contractions were getting stronger and stronger, they repeated every 3-5 minutes and lasted about 30 seconds each, the pain intensified. Fortunately, in boxing there was a gymnastic rubber ball on which it was possible to sit (sitting contractions are easier, less pain). By 9 am it became quite unbearable, I began to moan, and occasionally remind the walls of the pain, saying out loud: "Oh, oh, it hurts." Somewhere at 10 o'clock my husband was let out to me (partnership deliveries are welcome), he told me different stories, distracting from pain, it became more fun and easier.

By the 12th day my attempts began (it feels like your stomach is contracting by itself, straining the whole body). I began to involuntarily groan and push. At that time, a woman screamed in the next ward, and my husband began to ask for a smoke (poor man, he experienced such stress), I let him go for 10 minutes after much persuasion.

Two hours later, the doctor came, looked at me and exclaimed: "Five plus, full disclosure! Girls, in the first box, quickly cook it!" It was here that my heart skipped a beat ... A lump came to my throat. I suffered so much, and the most responsible in front!

The midwives came running around, laid diapers under me, explained how to push, where to put my feet, where to hold hands, and it began ...

The doctor felt his stomach waiting for the next fight and commanded: "Push!" I obeyed like a puppet, because in his hands our lives. The doctor shouted (it seemed to me): "Breathe!" I was forbidden to shout, because it was an extra waste of energy and strength, and recommended without hesitation “crap on the ass,” and at that moment it was just that, because the head of the child was pressing on the crotch. And again: "Push! Breathe! Push! Breathe! ..." For the fourth bout, the midwife managed to fix the head of the baby in the vagina and then again, "push, breathe." The head was born for the sixth fight, for the seventh fight they said: "Now just breathe, you need to rest." And on the eighth shouted: "Come on, come on! Push!" And the little body of the baby slipped quickly into the hands of the midwife. And here he is - the first breath, cry, sob! I whispered loudly: "Hurray!" A frightened husband ran out of the corridor.

The baby was immediately picked up and shown to us, he was quickly measured, weighed and laid on my stomach. I remember the surprised eyes of midwives now (baby Vova was born large, and I gave birth very well). The birth process lasted only 30 minutes, and at 15-40 my son began to breathe.

Lovely ladies to easily give birth, exercise. During pregnancy, do gymnastics, walk a lot and experience more positive emotions. Just think: you, your body creates from nothing a small miracle, a little ball of your life. Enjoy this honor of creating, creating. And after giving birth, enjoy the fact that you have the right to feed the child, these are only positive emotions. Seeing how your baby sucks a breast, smiles while looking into your eyes is an unforgettable experience.

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