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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Do-it-yourself card: Happy New Year greetings - with children

The toy "ball with snow" is familiar to all. But you can make the same magic card with the child for the New Year! If it is shaken or turned over, then inside - to the joy of the baby - it will snow. And if you send it by mail, it will please grandparents and distant friends. A simple and very effective workshop offers American Teri.

Winter Kremlin. St. Basil's Cathedral is a collage that I pasted myself, and the snow was made using multi-colored plastic, which remained from the previous Christmas project. (The pink arrow means "Shake or flip").

This postcard is an invitation for a grandmother to come and visit us. How can she resist?

This dwarf brings good luck to his addressee (too dear to give it to someone ... Perhaps we will keep it for ourselves!).

Elegant and environmentally friendly, non-environmental friendly postcard. Material - recycled paper, pictures - from magazines.

The rabbit farm is made using rabbits stickers and shiny glue. Warning: glue and children need supervision!

In this photo - postcards, invented by my girls. They enjoyed this creative process and in the end they inspired me a lot! For example, they made small planets that revolve around a small Martian. (I cut out this guy with a small cutter). It is a pity that this particular postcard is cropped in the photo. My youngest daughter herself painted and cut out little stars for her rainbow girl.

There really are endless opportunities for creativity.



colored paper, transparent film, scissors, glue or glue stick, scotch tape (double-sided) and material that you will use for snow (confetti, shiny glue, glitters), a cutter - this tool is for adults only.

  1. Cut a 20 × 15 cm rectangle out of paper and fold it in half. You will have a standard size postcard 10 × 15cm.
  2. Cut a dome-shaped window on one side using a cutter.
  3. Cut a piece of transparent film so that it is 1 cm larger than the size of the window itself. Secure it on the window with scotch tape.
  4. On the opposite side, glue the background and the image itself so that it is directly opposite the transparent window. Images can be any, you can see it in the above photos. This may be a photo, a picture from a magazine, a children's drawing, a collage, etc.
  5. Place the artificial snow of your choice on the image and on the fold of the postcard. (We used confetti, glitter glue, scraps of paper and glitter). You should always use more snow than you think, because some part will always be stuck in the corners of the postcard, be generous!
  6. Using glue or double sided tape, hold the two halves of the card together.
  7. Done! Your postcards are ready to be sent by mail, but since they are heavier than a standard postcard, more stamps will be needed.

Watch the video: 10 Cute & Simple New Year Cards# New Year card Ideas For Friends (October 2019).