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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Lists are not about us: three children and God-given names

I want to share my "experience". I am a mother of three children. As you see, it was necessary to choose more than once. Our first pregnancy happened 8 years ago. And she was planned. By choosing the name approached with all responsibility. There were also lists and discussions. We did not know the gender yet - we made lists of both female and male names. Then they crossed out those who didn’t like it.

I was drawn to Alice, Olesya. The husband insisted on the name of the calendar. As a result, our daughter was born, and we still have not decided. In the calendar the following week, Harjesa, Nika, Galina, Nunehia, Vasilisa, Theodore, Anastasia and Irina were listed. Here is the last of them, we called our beauty. None of the lists it was not.

Our second pregnancy was also planned. Exactly to graduation. I passed the last exam of state attestation in the maternity hospital. Again lists were compiled. This time we were waiting for the heir. The name of the boy is a responsible choice, to form a middle name from him. And again, we do not agree. Peter, Paul, Ilya - like good names. But none of the newborn is not glued. In the end - Alex. Again in the lists did not appear.

The third pregnancy was not long in coming. Again son. I'm desperate. I have a lot of Rodney, and the second generation of cousins ​​is very numerous. I did not want to repeat the names of relatives. So Andrei, Igor, Dmitry, Mikhail, Denis, Vasily, Nikolai and a whole bunch of names were crossed out.

The only difference is this pregnancy - it was not planned. The child is given by God. That's just not Bogdan, but Fedor turned out. Again, he is not on the list. Hence the moral - my family lists are not required. No matter how we thought it was, the names of the gods were determined.

Dear Parents! No matter how long and painfully you choose your child's name, no matter how simple or original it is, always love your children. And then with any name they will be happy.

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