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Weight 80 kg with height 158 ​​cm - and the husband says that I am slim

August 7, 2017, 8:30 am, the 36th hospital in Moscow. On the scales exactly 100 kg! God, if it wasn't for the scrum every minute, I would have fainted from frustration!

So I started the story about losing weight after childbirth, which I wrote in March 2018. Soon the year I lose weight. There were moments of failure. When I thought: "I have a loving husband, two daughters, beautiful dresses, in the photo I get a candy. Well, his, this is losing weight."

And then I remember how I left my native city on the 33rd week of pregnancy, a sort of small Hippo, and dreamed that I would come to my relatives and girlfriends in two years, and they would open their mouths in surprise. How I lost weight.

Of course, each has its own motivation for losing weight. Someone is losing weight due to health problems; someone, because Masha, Vika, Katya do it; someone fell in love, someone divorced, someone for the sake of the future baby.

And I spite myself. I do not want my stomach in collusion with the brain to control my body. It turns out that they are stronger than my will. No, really. So it will not work.

I am going to my goal. Yes, sometimes I take steps back. But without small defeats there are no big victories!

Now I'm not quite happy with the result. I took off not 2 kg and not even 5. More. But I want more! At the moment my weight is 80 kg. This is a lot, considering that my height is 158 cm.

In the summer, the weight has risen and no longer moves. Rather, just give this opportunity, he would crawl up with pleasure. They say that there is some kind of plateau (a strange word for me), and that's when you wait it out, endure it, rewite it, cut it out, the weight will go down again.

By the way, we live on the 5th floor without elevator. And every day I walk back and forth 6 times with the baby in my arms, as we walk 3 times a day. But this is not particularly affected by weight - just like counting calories, and excluding bread and sweets from the diet.

Of course, now I look much better than in January 2018. But better is not perfect. And not even "wow" and not "wow."

My beloved husband sees no problems at all. He has never, for 18 years of living together, made a remark to me about the figure. Perhaps this is love.

The real one, when you value in a person not only appearance, but also inner peace, that you have passed with him. Is it a joke, to move to live in Moscow with a 9-year-old child and a pregnant wife? It was very difficult for us, but we are together and support each other in all situations.

Of course, the beloved one says that I am slim (there should be a smiley face, which ohhhhhhhhhh). And I am grateful for his support. I lose weight for my husband and for my princesses!

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