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Before you go for the Christmas tree. Christmas toys and your family history

The book “When Grandma and Grandpa were Small” - how to introduce a child to the history of his family through everyday events, to tell about the childhood of mothers and fathers, grandparents, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. And the chapter on preparing for the New Year is also in it, of course. The authors of the book are confident that almost the same conversation can take place above the box with Christmas decorations in every family.

New Years is soon! There are no Christmas trees yet, and Asya sniffs every morning: doesn't it smell like pine needles? And he closes his eyes as he leaves his room: suddenly he will look now - and the tree is here!

Although he knows that early. After all, one amazing event should take place before the Christmas tree, without which the New Year, probably, will not happen. And last winter, and before last it had already happened. But then Asya was still quite small and silly. Now she is already five years old, and she, of course, can see everything, everything, and learn, and remember!

Asya silently and patiently waits for a treasured minute, and now - finally! Mom opens the closet, grandpa climbs the stepladder and pulls out from the top shelf ...

The box. Big shabby cardboard box! And he says slyly:

- As I drop now, that will be the number!

Asya screamed:

- Oh!

And my mother said with a smile:

- Grandfather, do not scare granddaughter.

“I'm not afraid,” Asya immediately shook her head. “Grandpa won't drop anything.” He's strong! He skates best of all and plays hockey. Even better than dad, lo!

“Well, better,” his grandfather grunted with satisfaction, dismounting from the stepladder.

He is still a little bit hard: the box is healthy. And all - along, across and obliquely - tied with transparent adhesive tape. They put the jewel in the room on the table, open it neatly ... And Asya, standing on tiptoe, sees a wonderful iridescent sheen - golden, red, blue, bright purple! And mother, having lowered hands in it, takes out and puts on the table a whole heap of fluffy garlands of multi-colored foil.

They ran around the room, as if from the sun, funny colored bunnies, danced on the chandelier, on the glass of the bookcase - this is a holiday, meet! And this is only the very beginning of miracles.

“First,” says the grandfather, “your balls.”

Balls appear one after another, and they are so beautiful that Asi is breathtaking! The girl imagines how they will hang among the dark green shaggy spruce branches, sway and shine with their bright polished sides. Mom looks at them with pride - it's their story with dad.

“This is a silver ball,” she says, “we bought that year when you were born.” But this bunch of balls - when dad and I were married.

Asya nods - it seems to her that she understood. And grandfather says exactly what she was thinking. Only his words are such that Asya could not find right now:

- Christmas decorations - a special thing. With each - a memory picture. All year long, the toys lie quietly in a dark closet, so the pictures do not grow dull, do not wear out - they are waiting in the wings. Mom's balls have small pictures, because they are new. But these toys ...

And he gets out of the box absolutely impossible beauty! Asya, enchanted, looks at the bells on a silver ribbon: blue, red, green. They also ring! Thin-thin. So, probably, the snowflakes in the forest often overlap, where there are no people and cars ... And here is the glass deer Golden horns! Little Red Riding Hood with a basket, funny snowman, painted matryoshka, shiny mushrooms, bumps, apples!

“Oh, can I,” Asya whispers in utter delight, “can I play them? ...”

In truth, she is afraid to touch toys - they are so fragile that they will be broken. Once survived to this day? And how old are they? Is it more than her, Asa?

“This,” my mother says quietly, “toys of my childhood.”

Asya can not believe it! The grandfather carefully pulls out the toy for the toy, removes the soft wrapper and spreads it on the table: a hare, a chandelier with pendants, another snowman ... A big ball, and inside it is a house with a snow-covered roof!

“Remember,” Mom asks the grandfather, “how did you tell me a story about this house?” There lived a winter fairy, and her name was ...

“I know, I know,” Asya says, “Nyusha's fairy, lo!” This is our fairy tale!

“Our common fairy tale,” says Mom, and the three of them look at each other and happily keep silent.

And from the big box meanwhile appears small. The grandfather holds it with both hands, puts it on the table carefully and carefully, as if it is made of fragile glass. Asina's mother looks at this box, and her face is confused and happy, like that of a little girl. And in the box ...

There is no glass shine and bright colors. There, a fair-haired angel plays a pipe in front of a flock of laughing stars. The horse carries the sled, and in the sled - Snow Maiden! And here is Santa Claus himself with a bag of gifts. And the princess in a magnificent dress, and white swans ...

“All of them,” the grandfather quietly says, “are made of cotton and cardboard and painted with paints, only it was a long time ago, so now they are not so bright even though they took them out of a dark box to white light only once a year.

“This angel was hanged on a Christmas tree, even when my mother, and your grandmother, therefore, was a very little girl.” And before that, he was kept by her grandmother. So count how old he is. See how cleverly the toy is made? Others are a little younger. But also all older than me. Except this one.

The grandfather gets out of the box and puts a toy on his palm, which Asya did not notice at first. This is a snowflake. She is very dim - gray. And a little curve. But then she has a face - round, smiling, with blue eyes!

- Grandfather, - for some reason Asya immediately guessed, - you did it yourself, right?

“Exactly,” the grandfather nods. - I went to the first class then. Here in the classroom and labor fashioned. He brought home, and the parents say: “The snowflake is good, but something is missing in it”. My father took paints, a brush and even painted this physiognomy. So since and smiles. And father ... father is already half a century away.

Asya looks at the snowflake. It seems as if she is alive and is about to say something. Something very important. But the snowflake is silent, and Asya is silent too. She has already decided that they, too, will make a Christmas tree toy, and it will be just as wonderful! But it is necessary to say about this grandfather later, not now.

The grandfather puts the snowflake back in the box and says:

- Here you go! And now, therefore, it's time to go for the Christmas tree.

Assignments for grandparents
Tell your grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the holidays in your childhood. What and how did you celebrate with your family? What was celebrated in kindergarten, at school? How to prepare for the holidays? How and where did they go? What customs accompanied this or that holiday, what gifts did people give to each other? What holiday was your favorite? And the most memorable holiday from childhood - what was it like?

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