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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Where in Kaliningrad to see the knightly tournament and take a beer bath

What is necessary for a good holiday? Delicious food, beautiful architecture, friendly people and a pleasant atmosphere - we found all this in the most western regional center of the country, Kaliningrad. This city is a unique place that combines in itself a cozy Europe, Russian open spaces, and an international refined meal.

Until 1946, Kaliningrad was called Königsberg and was a German city, therefore, a lot of European architecture remained in it. On the first day we headed to the Konigsberg Cathedral, located on the island of Kant. It was built by German architects in the XIV century and decorated in the style of the Baltic Gothic, which is breathtaking.

It is here that Immanuel Kant is buried. However, neither Kant’s grave, nor the museum itself impressed me as much as the organ of the cathedral. A huge, beautiful sound that produces an amazing sound, unlike any other musical instrument. There are often organized daytime and evening organ concerts, you can buy a ticket in advance on the website. Prices are very reasonable, and concerts are worthy.

In the evening of the first day in Kaliningrad, we decided to go to the Fish Village (not far from the cathedral), enjoy the amazing view of the Pregolia River from the lighthouse and eat at one of the local restaurants. The choice fell on the cafe "Madame Bush." The place is very pleasant, I think, bloggers and instagram fans will not miss the moment and put on the Internet a beautiful interior and deliciously decorated food. Prices here are considered expensive for locals, but they are much cheaper than in Moscow. We ordered mussels and were very pleased with the quality and price.

This night we spent in the Heliopark Kaiserhof in a room overlooking the river. The hotel justifiably corresponds to the level of 4 stars: classical music, live performance of musical works from the Phantom of the Opera, polite staff and cozy rooms. Water treatments and spa were included in the price, and we appreciated the jacuzzi, pool with bar, various saunas, hammam, and herbal baths. I didn’t want to leave the jacuzzi, and we rested there until the pool closed.

In the morning we had breakfast in the excellent restaurant at the Hofburg hotel. After the morning meal, we rode the Segway on the territory of the Fish Village and went to the Kaliningrad Zoo. The territory is very large, there are many animals, ice cream is delicious. Taking a walk, we met with local residents who advised them to go to the Croissant Cafe bakery. It turned out that they cook there really delicious, and the royal croissant is a masterpiece. Apparently, confectioners have learned the secret recipe of the French kings and do not share it with anyone.

After the animals, we reached Europe Square, took pictures and went to the Europa shopping center, which makes us admire our size and design. Externally, it is even more interesting than inside. However, I advise you to go to the stores of your favorite brands: for example, we bought clothes that are cheaper than in Moscow because of local stocks. There are many interesting places in “Europe”: Lithuanian cuisine “Brikas” (mushroom soup in a bread bowl and potato sausages), “Gelacieria” (ice cream and desserts), “Croissant cafe”. Despite the fact that Kaliningrad is a Russian city, most of the food is European. For example, not far from “Europe” we found the German restaurant “Zeker”: Bavarian sausages, the best beer, wooden tables and waiters in national costumes.

Another must-see point in Kaliningrad is the Amber Museum. It is located in the city center, on the shores of the Upper Lake. Many sights have been preserved around: the Royal Gate, the Defensive Tower of the Don, the Wrangel Tower, etc. I think that the question of choosing souvenirs disappears when visiting the museum. Amber is presented in any design: in jewelry, in the form of a purse mouse, in cutlery and on magnets.

We decided to spend the evening in the traditions of the Teutonic Order: order a game and watch a joust. The best place for such a pastime is the royal castle "Nesselbeck". It was built in the style of the Gothic Middle Ages, according to the canons of the architecture of that era. Nearby is erected a monument of “Love and Loyalty”, dedicated to the eternal love of a girl named Ragneta (Ragaina) and her lover Sklava from the Prussian legend.

The knight’s castle has it all: a restaurant that serves venison for dinner and the best steak, a brewery with a European choice of drinks, a hotel and a spa. The most famous and interesting - local beer baths. This way to relax carries a lot of vitamins, rejuvenates the body, affects the muscles and joints, and also, as experts promise, strengthens the immune system.

The rest of the city of the Kaliningrad region is a separate love at first sight: it captures the spirit of the scale and scope of Russian nature, of the lush and rich vegetation and, of course, of the deer and storks that you meet everywhere. We have chosen to visit the village of Yantarny. The Germans were building the road to it, so it is surrounded by tall trees, and on the pillars here and there are stork nests.

In Amber there is the most beautiful and widest sandy beach in the area. However, I was more struck by the beauty of the promenade, in fact a wooden walkway with observation platforms. Passing through them, we reached the cafe "Galera", made in the form of a ship, and with the appropriate kitchen. Also in Yantarny there is a large picturesque lake where divers come and stay here for a long time.

We were in Kaliningrad in May, but all the locals insist on traveling here at the end of July - beginning of August: this is the only period when they have a bathing season.

Kaliningrad is completely Russian in spirit and character, but with a European way of life and culture the city will not leave anyone indifferent!

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