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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Getting ready for Christmas: a week of good deeds in our family

The time before Christmas was always filled with a special meaning. These days traditionally helped the poor, engaged in charity. What might this “time of good deeds” look like today in an ordinary family? For my children, I came up with a “Good Deeds Week”.

On the album sheet printed a table of two columns. The first column indicates the days of the week, and the second - the good deeds that you can think of yourself or with your children. It is important that the child likes the tasks, and he will fulfill them with pleasure.

I decorated the printed table with suitable stickers and hung it on the refrigerator. Every day my daughter read what she had to do. I didn’t want to limit myself to a simple reminder, so we discussed every day how a good deed will decorate life, why it is important to do it.

Monday: “Draw a picture for papa”. While my daughter got a job painting, I told her that Dad loved her and her brother very much: “Dad plays with you, goes for a walk, reads books, brings surprises that you really enjoy ... Come on and we will please Dad: we will draw him a beautiful drawing. He will be pleased when he gets tired from work. ”

Tuesday: "Plant a flower." I bought a new flower pot and started a flower transplant. “Look, our flower has grown and it’s already living in the same pot. Let's help the little flower "move" together. We pour it, rub it in its leaves so that it is easier for him to breathe. The little flower will feel that we care about it, will be delighted and flourish. ”

Wednesday: "Make a feeder." I show how much snow has piled up outside the window, and I tell you that now it will be more and more difficult for birds to get food. I think: "How can I help them?" Sonya: “Mom, we can make a feeder! Sparrows will pour crumbs left over from dinner, and tits can be given fat. ” Master the simplest feeder and hang it in the yard.

Thursday: “read little brother a book”. Little fidget is not so easy to persuade to read. But it is necessary to show a little imagination, and the child will respond with pleasure. Our little Andryusha is not yet speaking, and I began to speak instead of Andryusha in a “childish” voice: “Sonya, sister, I found an interesting book. Read me a fairy tale, please. You read so well. Mom says you're doing better than anyone. ”

Sonia is laughing, and along with her is Andryusha. They find it funny that mom says how small, but nevertheless both are included in the game. Sonya takes the book, and Andrei, with joy, drags three more. Sonya is reading.

Friday: "Vacuuming the room." My babies littered the room (however, as always). In order to start a joint cleaning, I decide to resort to the help of a fictional character - Vrednyushki. I sit on the couch and cry. Andryusha and Sonya are running: “Mom, why are you crying?”. “How can I not cry! Look what happened to our room! (Both are silent, as if they didn’t litter them at all.) Again Vrednyushka resorted and made a mess. How can I manage to remove everything? ” Sonya in response offers to help vacuum. Andryusha has the most important task: to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off.

Saturday: "Bake buns". Instead of buns, they decided to bake gingerbread cookies for Christmas - we will present them to relatives and friends for a holiday. For the weekend a cousin came to us, and the girls really enjoyed decorating the gingerbread with icing.

Sunday: "Spend Grandma." On the eve of reading a verse about my grandmother, and I talked about why older people especially need attention. In order for our grandmother to feel and know that we love her, we call her every day, ask about her health. When we visit our grandmother, we always bring her food and basic necessities. The reward for the children are the kind words of the grandmother and her happy smile.

This is how we tried the "Week of Good Deeds". The children felt it was nice to do something for others, and I was able to tell them about what we often forget about in everyday life: signs of attention to loved ones.

Watch the video: A GOOD DEED FOR CHRISTMAS! (October 2019).