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How the Children's Day appeared

Vasily Alexandrovich Sukhomlinsky, the creator of a pedagogical system based on the principles of humanism and recognition of a child’s highest value, said: “Children must live in the world of beauty, play, fairy tales, music, drawing, fantasy, creativity”. And he was not alone in his opinion!

Many countries have paid attention to the problem of social protection of children's rights even before the birth of a great teacher. Thus, in the twentieth century, two holidays devoted to little boys and girls appeared in the world: World Children's Day and International Children's Day. A bit of history.

World Children's Day

On November 20, 1959, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and 30 years later, in 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was signed by 61 states, including the USSR. Since then, it is on November 20 in many countries of the world that they celebrate the holiday of joy and happy childhood. And the reason for all this was the Geneva Declaration of 1924 - it was then that the question of the social protection of the rights of children was first raised.

International Children's Day

This holiday is celebrated on June 1, and in Russia it is more popular than World Children's Day. It all started when the International Democratic Women’s Association was created at the International Women's Congress in Paris in 1945. Four years later, she proposed to celebrate an official holiday - Children's Day. The UN supported the idea, and in 1950 a new holiday was celebrated by 51 countries! So you can consider Children's Day one of the first international holidays. And in Russia, moreover, the date of the holiday coincides with the beginning of the long-awaited summer holidays.

How is today?

The holiday of June 1 is a call to all people on the planet not to forget about the children's rights to life and a happy childhood. Our children need protection and certain freedoms, without which it is simply impossible to form a good, fair, responsible and humane society. The International Children's Day even has its own flag: colorful people walking across the planet, holding hands.

June 1 is celebrated cheerfully: concerts, contests, quizzes and other entertainment programs are organized for children. In general, in our country, children have the Federal Law “On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation”, adopted on July 24, 1998. It describes in detail the goals of state policy in the interests of children, the powers of state bodies, the rights of the child (for example, rights in the field of upbringing, education, health, recreation, vocational training, protection in difficult life situations, and others), as well as measures to protect these rights and guarantees of their performance.

Do I need to give gifts to the child on June 1?

Why not? And may the Children's Day be neither a birthday nor a New Year, but the occasion for presenting a gift is still pleasant. In addition, the school year ended, and the real summer began! Give something symbolic, but interesting and desirable.