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Physical contact between child and parents

For a child, the touch of an adult is a sign that they love, notice, pay attention and accept. Therefore, any touch of mom or dad - this is one of the most simple events in the life of the baby, always a pleasure.

The value of physical contact for a child

The most interesting thing is that studies have confirmed the significance of physical contact: it turns out that children who are touched often and with love grow and develop much better. In this sense, baby massage, daily bathing procedures, swimming classes, physical training are of great importance, since all these actions are directly related to the touch and targeted skin-to-skin contact, which is a real growth stimulator for children.

Touch stimulates the formation of substances in the body of the child, which accelerates its development. Experienced professionals know that premature babies gain weight much faster if, in combination with traditional nursing methods, they receive caring touches from nurses or parents.

Interestingly, zoopsychologists have also established a link between mother licking their young and the speed of their development. Conversely, when babies or calves are deprived of maternal touch, their growth, surprisingly, immediately slows down. From this a global conclusion was made: tender and caring touches stimulate the growth and development of the organism. Parents, touching the child, stimulate the production of growth hormones in his body.

Touch stimulates the development of the nervous system (brain) of the child. Physical contact stimulates the production of nerve impulses, the formation of new intercellular relationships, which ensures the timely formation of neurological functions, a beneficial effect on the mental development of the baby.

Touch improves digestion and gastrointestinal function. In children who are regularly stroked on their tummy, they are massaged, taken on their hands, the motility of the gastrointestinal tract is improved, colic is less common. If the baby suffers from colic, massage becomes one of the means that significantly reduces pain.

Touch improves the child's behavior and his sense of self. This is surprising, but a kid who receives physical contact from his parents feels much better. This means that a mother with such a child is also much simpler: he sets up a more organized regime better and faster, sleeps well, is less naughty and more willing to make contact with strangers. Mother's touch calms him down and gives a feeling of self-confidence.

When a mother touches a baby, she feels her importance and understands that she is loved - and this is one of the most important needs of any person throughout her life.

For very serious, closed kids, touch helps to overcome a certain internal barrier that prevents them from expressing their emotions. After some time, even the most unkind child will give signals of his positive emotions, if he is regularly taken on his hands, looking or doing a massage.

What helps parents physical contact with the child?

When the lack of maternal feelings brings a woman to real depression, it is recommended to use physical contact with a child more often as one of the effective ways to wake up these feelings in yourself.

So mom willy-nilly communicates with her newborn baby very closely, listens to both her and her experiences. And after seven or ten days, for example, the course of preventive massage, which she does to her child, she can discover how she gets more warm and tender feelings for him.

Frequent physical contact and massage is very useful for those mothers who find it difficult to show motherly feelings to the baby.

Massage, stroking, just carrying the child in your arms as the simplest types of contact can be used at any time. Taking the hands of the baby, the woman adjusts to it and disconnects from other thoughts.

For dads, the ability to maintain physical contact with a child will become a practical course of communication with him. After all, it is very important for children to feel not only maternal touches, but also fatherly ones.

Any action - changing the diaper, walking, bathing, massage, charging, feeding - it is always communication, and not just the implementation of mechanical actions or parental responsibilities.

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