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Vitamin time?

It would be naive to believe that in the season of vegetable and fruit variety you should not “bother” about the benefits of food: they say, here they are, live and fresh vitamins - just eat! However, it is in the summer that we most often encounter diarrhea, indigestion, and even more serious problems. And the worst thing is when children suffer from it.

It's not just dirty hands.

It is considered that all problems with digestion arise due to dirty hands. Yes, when it comes to children, in most cases this is true, but there are also a number of factors that affect our well-being after the meal:

  • rules for storing and processing products before they hit your table;
  • the place where you purchased these products (no matter how nice your grandmother is at the roadside market, you should not feed your child with meatballs and cottage cheese purchased from her);
  • water that was used in the preparation of a particular food or drink (under water, in this case, ice is also meant, which in summer is often used for all sorts of cocktails);
  • the quality of the original product / raw materials.

If we have already learned to interact with the first of these factors (I hope you keep your hands clean at the dinner table, do not buy food for children in questionable places, are interested in terms and conditions of storage, offer juices and water to children only in factory packaging ), then, as a rule, we have a very superficial idea about the quality of initial products. Of course, in this case we are not talking about cucumbers and apples grown on your summer cottage. How to be?

Why do you want fruits and vegetables in summer?

On hot days, both small and adult need fresh fruit and vegetables more than ever. The fact is that along with sweat the body loses a lot of minerals and vitamins. To cover the resulting deficit, you need to include vegetables and fruits on your menu daily. Therefore, children are so willing to chew on early carrots, do not refuse fresh cucumbers, love juices. By the way, drinks with pectin, which has the ability to bind rotting products in the intestines and remove them from the body, are especially in demand on hot days. Therefore, it is impossible to deprive a child of fruits and vegetables in summer! The question is how to make sure that, apart from vitamins, no foreign substances (nitrates, pesticides and other fertilizers) get into children's organisms.

Kids - only proven!

When it comes to younger children, the main advice is that if you didn’t grow your own natural vitamins, no matter how seductive the vegetable and fruit breakdowns are, no matter how merchants convince you that they feed their children with the same vegetables and fruits, Do not be tempted by the phrase "new crop" and choose only crumbs and juices of industrial production for the crumbs. Do you think that heat treatment kills vitamins? Yes, some losses do occur, but modern production of baby food makes it possible to minimize these losses. But uncorking a treasured jar, you can be 100% sure that no chemicals will get into the body of your crumbs along with the vitamins. Yes, you cannot check the quality of raw materials, but, as a rule, socially responsible companies are open to communication with their parents through the media and do not hide their small consumers from moms and dads where, how and in what conditions certain products are produced.

Even if your crumb has already crossed the annual milestone, do not seek to expand its gastronomic outlook. Your baby will grow up and will certainly appreciate the taste of the new product, but so far it is better to pass for the conservative and save the child from the possible consequences of "culinary curiosity."

In search of the safe gifts of nature

When choosing vegetables and fruits for older children, we advise you to follow the following rules:

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