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How we spend the holidays: contests, sweepstakes, games for February 23 and March 8

We gathered once with our relatives to celebrate a holiday in a cafe. And they also invited their friends. In general, formed a noisy and fun company. During the celebration, we not only sit at the table and enjoy all sorts of goodies, but also arrange games, contests, and practical jokes.

So, one of the first ones we usually have is a fun question-and-answer table game. You can play it without leaving the table. In advance it is necessary to prepare cards of two colors: one color - questions, and the other - answers. The meaning of the game is that one player takes a card with a question and reads it to his neighbor, and he takes a card with an answer and reads the answer. (Examples of questions: Would you like to be stuck with me in an elevator? Do you always eat so much? Do you believe in miracles? Do you have any regrets that you are married or married? Examples of answers: My financial situation does not allow me. This is my personal matter. Later , it’s too light for that now, and I’m not going to tell under torture, etc.)

The whole trick - in the mismatch of questions and answers. Quite often it turns out very funny. People in the company begin to communicate, joke and laugh.

The next game called "A hat that reads thoughts," was conducted by a girl who adores music. She recorded on the disc a certain number of passages from the songs, and when she brought the hat to the head of the next guest, a new fragment began to sound. It turned out very funny. The most important thing is that everything was kind and positive. In this case, as I believe, it is important not to offend anyone.

Then there was, one might say, the “nail” of the program - the drawing of one of our relatives. We play this game often, but the forgery was committed for the first time. The game is that the lady finds her gentleman on the nose, and he finds her on the knee. It was in this very game “By the search for the knees” that we decided to play Alexander. Apart from his wife, there were four other young pretty girls who he saw before they closed his eyes with a scarf. And then we quickly replaced one of the girls with a guy.

And Alexander quickly moves from the knees of the first girl to the second, then it comes to our "decoy duck". He touches the boy's knee for a long time and somehow hesitantly touches the knee of the next girl - his wife. He immediately recognizes her and gives a decisive answer: "My!". He immediately removes the blindfold and directs his gaze to the place where the guy was sitting instead of the girl. With round eyes in amazement, he remained for some time. As his wife told us later, he was still very impressed with what had happened.

That evening we had a favorite competition with clothespins. We had three pairs. At first, 10 clothespins were attached to clothes for men, and their partners had to find and remove them. Who quickly removes all ten is the winner. Then the participants change places. This is probably one of our funniest contests. By the way, good photos from this competition almost never work: everything happens too quickly.

At the end of the evening there were dances and dance competitions. I also want to tell about one of them. Several couples are invited. The task is that during the dance partners must keep the balloon in different parts of the body: chest, abdomen, back, forehead. Which of the pairs will last longer is the winner. Very fun and positive competition.

Naturally, various prizes are provided for winning contests - both symbolic and memorable, or self-made. For example, a bottle of champagne with a photo of a married couple and an interesting inscription instead of a label.

This is how we sometimes relax and celebrate holidays. The most important thing is that we are fun and interesting with each other, and it does not need a lot of money, a lot of alcohol and a lot of preparation. I wish you also happy and unforgettable holidays!

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