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Editor'S Choice - 2019

The very first summer

I'd like to tell you how we have fun. On May 2 of this year, my husband and I had the happiest event in our lives - we had our first baby, which we had been waiting for — our daughter Alinka!

We live in an apartment, and my parents live in a private house. I am on child care leave, so the family is provided by our beloved dad. He is never at home at all — he works. And my daughter and I first spent the whole time together - we walked in the park, played, rested, if our daughter was tired. Until one day, my mother said: “Why are you always sitting in this stuffy apartment ?! For a child needs fresh air! Come to us for the whole summer!” We agreed to live with my grandparents.

How wonderful we spent this summer, the first in the life of our daughter! Moreover, it turned out just a wonderful summer! My parents' house is next to the forest, so there is such clean air. My daughter was sleeping in a stroller on the street - it was just a golden dream! In our apartment she never slept so well! We had a wonderful time - walking on the street, acquainted our daughter with the outside world, because there were so many interesting things around - and the tender naughty dog ​​Rex, who sits on a chain, a fluffy gray kitten Timka, who loves milk very much, neighbors' children, who constantly tried little Alinka treat candy.

In the evenings, we all gathered on the veranda - grandmother Lyuba, grandfather Kolya, mother (that is, I), Alinochka, Papa Stas came home from work. We drank tea with homemade jam, and our daughter enjoyed playing with her toys. And all of us, no doubt, were insanely happy!

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