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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Modern children and old tales in a new way: a case on a walk

Undoubtedly, children are the flowers of life, and you can talk about them indefinitely. Only flowers nowadays are not dandelion buttercups, but rosyanka genlisei ...

My three year old son offered to play the game. "You will be a gray wolf, and I will be a kid," he defined the roles. Being a gullible and naive person, I agreed. No signs of trouble. The son began to run, “scared” to scream, I, as befits a gray toothed wolf, began to catch up with him. Then, running over, "goatling" jumped into a small house on the playground and closed the door. “The terrible wolf” approached the door and, following the law of the genre, knocked ...

- Who's there? - asks "goatling".

“I am an evil, toothed gray wolf, I know a lot about kids,” I say confidently, leaning toward the door. A pause ... Such a pause that does not bode well.

And here "goatling" makes a terrible cry "kiya" and kicks at the door. Accordingly, the door opens and hits me on the forehead. From unexpectedness I lose speechlessness, but it already becomes scary. This is some kind of wrong tale, some kind of wrong little goat. Things are not going according to the script ... I think: maybe I mistook something, forgot, or did the rules of the game change?

"Goatling" flies out of the house and begins to mutate the unfortunate wolf, which, in fact, did not even have time to do anything bad. In short, the wolf had to admit its own inconsistency and capitulate, promising never to offend the little "kids".

And in fact, there is no one to be offended by anything: it turns out that justice triumphed, and the evil wolf seemed punished. Only it is not clear why I actually suffered?

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