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Pregnancy and work: the rules for those who want to work until the birth

If you are a lover of too active lifestyle, the long-awaited pregnancy should radically change your habits. The time when you, to the point of exhaustion, tortured yourself at work, spent nights at the club and engaged in extreme sports, should be a thing of the past. Now you need to rest was relatively calm, and the work is not too tiring.

A healthy pregnant woman may well organize her life so as not to leave her beloved job and not drop out of her studies at the institute. However, it may lie in wait for various difficulties, which are better known in advance. Maybe they will scare you away, and you will fully devote yourself to motherhood, postponing your career. And those who can not and do not want to interrupt their work or study activities, it will be interesting to learn how to avoid problems and overcome difficulties.

Rules for those who want to work until the birth

1. Do not hide your pregnancy

Immediately inform the supervisor. Remember: the law protects you, and no matter where you work, in a state-owned enterprise or in a private firm. Thus, in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the refusal to hire or dismiss a woman because of her pregnancy, as well as the refusal to hire or dismiss a mother who is breastfeeding is prosecuted (art. 145 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) .

If the head is still not satisfied with your condition, then decide for yourself what to do: defend your right in court or quietly quit. Usually in serious companies, pregnant women are treated with due understanding, and even more so by those who are not going to quit their jobs.

2. Ask for concessions

Now that your management knows you are pregnant, it's time to ask for a concession. Remember that in the very first months of pregnancy, despite the excellent state of health, the child requires your stable emotional state and the restoration of expended strength. Even if you do not suffer from early toxemia, remember that your energy tone is now reduced. Therefore, after waking up, you need to at least 15-20 minutes to soak in bed, not thinking about work, but sending your thoughts to something pleasant. Therefore, let the boss get used to your later appearance at work and additional breaks.

By the way, the law requires the employer to reduce the standards of production for pregnant women and transfer them to easier work while maintaining average earnings. With an abbreviated version of the working day, you will be able to bring much greater benefits than working as much time as before, but being in a state of fatigue and nervousness. This is what you need to explain to the authorities. The clever and appreciating professionals manager will always meet you.

3. Dress comfortably

The official style of clothing with a narrow skirt and fitted jacket is inappropriate, but special fashionable clothes for pregnant women are perfect. The main thing is that it meets the three rules: it was free and did not tighten the stomach, was sewn from natural fabrics and comfortable to wear. Even with a small heel shoes can look beautiful.

Svetlana made a successful career working as a chief accountant in a commercial firm. But the work could not replace her with a full-fledged family, and she and her husband had long dreamed of a child.

Realizing that she did not want to leave her work at all, Sveta decided to approach her health very seriously. She underwent a full examination, was cured, adjusted nutrition, normalized the mode of operation, and only being confident that she was completely healthy, she became pregnant safely. Her husband helped her in everything. After reading a lot of literature and learning about possible problems and ways to avoid them, Svetlana decided not to exhaust herself with overwork, but to change her work schedule so that she would not get too tired and be able to relax and unwind.

Since Sveta had already established herself well in the company and was the boss’s right hand, he naturally didn’t want to lose the qualified specialist on whom the company was holding. Therefore, the chef agreed to all the demands of Sveta and created the necessary conditions for her.

At the same time, Sveta together with her husband carried out an analysis of the modern market of medical services in order to choose a suitable clinic for observation during pregnancy and childbirth. Spouses did not take the time to travel around medical institutions and talk to doctors. Own impressions and recommendations of other people helped them to orient in their choice.

Being under the supervision of experts whom she trusted, Sveta was completely sure that everything was going well for her. In addition, she knew that at any time she could consult with her doctor and psychologist. From the second half of her pregnancy, Svetlana asked to allow her a flexible work schedule, which would allow her to do most of the work at home, visiting the office as needed. The male colleagues treated Sveta emphatically, kindly and attentively, protecting them from unnecessary disturbances. Svetlana attended a school for future mothers and special gymnastics classes, preparing for the upcoming birth. And while doing a great job with her work.

She also consciously and systematically approached the preparation of a “dowry” for the baby, after discussing in advance with her husband what they would buy. Before the expected date of birth, Sveta managed to submit an annual report and fully furnish the children's room, having purchased everything necessary for the child. During the entire pregnancy, she did not feel overworked and tired. On the contrary, there was a surge of strength and joy, since everything planned was done.

The birth of Svetlana was excellent, and after a month she began to work again. Over time, work has become more, Sveta has become increasingly in the office. The work did not obscure for her the upbringing of a child, but brought a pleasant variety into her life. Of course, her husband and mother helped her, but Sveta still found the opportunity to plan her life so as not to sacrifice anything that was truly important.

Pros and cons of working at home

Of course, pregnancy, and even more so the birth of a child, makes it impossible to devote himself entirely to a career. But the matter is not only in her, but also in material wealth, which today most often depends on her husband and wife. A woman who recently graduated from the institute and began to work successfully in her specialty does not want to “fall out of life” for a long time, even if it is connected with the most holy one, motherhood. A reasonable option to solve this problem is just work at home, which you can tune in long before the birth of the child, being pregnant. By the way, work immediately after birth will protect you from postpartum depression. But homework has its own problems. To decide what suits you best, you need to understand well all the pros and cons of working at home.

Problem number 1

The lack of colleagues with whom you can throw words, make jokes, discuss the latest news, finally, criticize the authorities. All this is very important for stress relief. Accumulated irritation you will now pay to your household, especially your husband.

Decision. You can communicate with a domestic cat, telling him about sore. If you need a response, often call your girlfriends who, like you, are at home. A great option is to talk with your child.

Problem number 2

Usually work at home seems frivolous to households. For some reason they believe that if a woman works at home, then she is not as busy as in the office, and she can be constantly distracted. Business calls are perceived as the usual chatter on the phone. In short, instead of protecting you, the household will interfere with and treat your work disrespectfully.

Decision. You should explain to your husband and mother that when you work, you cannot be distracted by trifles. As proof of the seriousness of the work, provide them with a report on your incomes - then they will clearly see that you really are working, although you do not leave the house.

Problem number 3

Time to rest is not enough. This happens because you are at home, which means that you also have the obligation to cook, clean, wash, iron, etc., etc. It may turn out that you will work all your free time and no weekends , and no one will regret it, because you are at home.

Decision. Do not try to grasp the immense, that is, to be an ideal hostess when working hard at home. Make a clear timetable, determining when you will work, and when to rest and do household chores.

Problem number 4

When working at home, you unwittingly find yourself out of touch with all production matters. This does not give you the opportunity to fully advance in the service. Often, only being in sight of the authorities can earn the trust and reputation of a hardworking employee.

Decision. Do not go completely "underground", from time to time showing up in the office and learning the latest gossip. Periodically remind yourself of your superiors, reporting on new results and achievements.

Problem number 5

Homework usually involves paying for specific results of work, while office work is paid on the basis of a stable salary. Therefore, now every penny will have to work out.

Decision. Do not chase after big money, because having chosen homework, you have already made a certain compromise. The most important thing for you is to organize your work in such a way that there is enough time for everything - rest, sleep, communication with friends and household, economic affairs.

Advantages of home work

  1. More free time.
  2. You are your own boss.
  3. You have a free schedule.
  4. You don't care about public opinion.
  5. The child is always supervised.

Pregnancy and study

The most suitable age for the onset of the first pregnancy (20-25 years) just falls on the student years. It is a pity to leave school halfway, to lose fellow students, because then you have to start all over again. Therefore, many students, being in an "interesting position", are trying to combine pregnancy and study. What difficulties expect pregnant female students? Where to look for support? Do you have the right to count on the indulgence of teachers?

Problem No. 1. Pregnancy does not entitle you to study benefits.

Indeed, to receive knowledge, whether you are pregnant or not, is your sacred duty. Without them, you will not leave a good specialist. Therefore, it is not necessary to rely on the fact that you will be allowed not to pass exams or tests. However, many female students are actively using their position (even artificially emphasizing the designated tummy) to evoke sympathy from the teacher, and quite often this trick is possible.

However, some issues can be tried in the dean's office of the institute. The administration usually willingly goes to meet those who indicate good reasons, which include pregnancy. If you write a statement with a request to provide you with an individual schedule of classes and exams, then it is likely that you will meet.

If childbirth should occur during the session, you can ask the dean's office for the early passing of exams, reflecting your request in the application. However, you will have to independently study the latest topics and do practical work.

Problem number 2. Who will help in difficult times?

Most pregnant students rely only on themselves. Given the emotional imbalance characteristic of pregnancy, they run the risk of a nervous breakdown or depression, which will only exacerbate their problems at the institute and make it impossible to fully engage. Meanwhile, in some educational institutions, trade union organizations not only revived, but also actively work, helping students in difficult situations.

Problem number 3. Is stressful study compatible with well-being?

Studying at the institute involves sitting in the classroom for several hours in an uncomfortable position when it is not possible to stand up and warm up. Do not torture yourself, just warn the teacher that you need to periodically leave the audience. Then you will not need to ask permission every time.

As for laboratory work related to harmful substances, you can take them on the basis of data obtained by classmates. But you need to warn the teacher in advance, confirming your request with a doctor’s certificate.

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