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Holidays with children in Georgia: the sea and the mountains, Batumi and Kobuleti, prices and attractions

“Or maybe it’s really true to go on vacation with my husband,” I thought for the third day. Every summer, the husband takes the boys for a couple of weeks and leaves with them to Ukraine or the Crimea. And I relax at home, and they manage to unwind. But since these places had already been traveled far and wide, my husband thought about going to Abkhazia this year. I conducted research on word of mouth, and Abkhazia was decisively replaced by Georgia.


With the purchase of airline tickets and the choice of hotel problems have arisen. A couple of clicks, and cushy itinerary receipts have already crawled out of the printer. Slaps, swimming trunks and panama flies flew into the suitcase, and I slowly began to catch myself thinking that I wanted with them, especially since Varya stayed with me, and she, too, would not have been bad at sea. A friend who recommended this direction described the local charms too well, and my mother and sister convinced me that a change of scenery would be beneficial.

A day later I finally matured, but as it turned out, it was too late: there were no tickets for the plane anymore. And our men flew away without us.

Of course, it would be possible to arrive later, but my daughter is not entered in my passport. I had a faint hope that this could be quickly fixed. And just put our men in a taxi, we went with her to the passport office.

Much to my disappointment, the secretary on the spot said that they could not write me a child. They offered to make their daughter a separate passport. “Especially since it’s fast now. Only 2 weeks!” The passportist said cheerfully. “If you have all the documents with you, the registration will take 15 minutes,” added the girl. I don’t know why I agreed (after 2 weeks I’ll already return), but we passed the documents. It was Tuesday, August 13th.

Then everything was like the wonders of the movie. On Friday morning, when I was digging into a laptop, I accidentally dropped out of a bookmark site with airline tickets. Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the right direction - and I happily fell out the tickets for Sunday. "Yes, now they are there when there are no documents," I thought sadly, and the hand had already reached for the phone: "Tell me, can I find out about the readiness of the passport?" I asked the operator on the other end with a gasp. “Just a second,” the girl replied, and in the receiver there was a cheerful tapping of keys. "Yes, you can take it," it sounded as if I had been handed a jackpot at the casino.

"Varyunya, we are going to dad and brothers!" - I laughed, grabbing the baby in my arms. If only to have time before closing. If only the tickets remain ...

In 1.5 hours we stuffed swimsuits, dresses and beach bags into a suitcase. "Are you bored?" - I wrote to my husband sms. Having received an affirmative answer, she reported the flight number with the crew to meet the girls' landing party. Imagine the surprised face of her husband at that moment.


Sunday. Underground. Paveletsky railway station. Aeroexpress. Domodedovo. Reseption. Passport control. Departure gate By the way, I didn’t need any additional documents except for two passports at all, including itinerary receipts. It turned out that it was not at all difficult to fly away to rest, even with a small child. Another 2 hours in the sky, and Gamarjoba, Georgia!

Batumi airport compared to Moscow was just a toy. Smiling passport - I noticed I was lucky for them. One transport tape, 10 minutes, and I caught my suitcase.

At the exit to the waiting room, a guy with a girl in national costumes is treated to a delicious baklava. "Mother Mother!" - joyful cries of people. We have not seen for less than five days, and mine are already so tanned. "Well, let's go, girls," said the shining husband.

Back in Moscow, during the initial search for a hotel, we immediately dismissed the option of accommodation in Batumi itself. Anyway, this is a port city. Chose a place Kobuleti, which is 20 km away. The hotel, reserved on the Internet, my husband changed already on the spot to a cozy private guest house, which we never regretted for the entire vacation.

The night city greeted us with rain and the wondrous aroma of Isabella grapes. This smell accompanied me the whole trip, mingling with the smells of eucalyptus, pines and the sea. A large three-storey house with two guest floors, just 12-13 rooms - a sort of mini-hotel. The first floor is the apartment of friendly hosts. They also have a cozy cafe in front of the house. We ate there all the time, very tasty and inexpensive. Dinner for two adults and three children with the first, second and compote went about 600 rubles. Our spacious room was located on the third floor. A shower, a toilet, an air conditioner, a TV, a table, chairs, beds, a bedside table and a wardrobe, plus a cute balcony - all that a rest needs is at a cost of 1,800 rubles a day. Wi-Fi is free - where do without it. It seems to have not forgotten anything ... Ah, but of course: the sea!

Proper rest

The sea was great! Across the road, 2 minutes walk. The beach is pebbly, but there are places with a soft entrance from the volcanic dark sand. A few days were great waves. A meter after 3 starts the depth, but the children quite enough of these meters for splashing in warm water. The bulk of the rest sunbathes on towels, right on the pebbles, but, of course, there are also sun beds with umbrellas for a fee. And yes, churchkhela, corn and other beach snacks are also worn. A lot of people, but there is always where to stay, without stumbling over other people's sandals.

Especially popular with holidaymakers are diversified inflatable swimming facilities. Everything, from young to old, rolls on multi-colored bagels over the waves in the surf line, but for some reason further units float further. Honestly, I do not know what it is connected with. It seemed to me that very few people can swim.

The town of Kobuleti itself is a typical resort settlement: the embankment with souvenirs, cafes and tattoos. The main street with the same homely restaurants, mini markets, private hotels and expensive hotels. Several banks, market, hairdressers, pastry shops, Internet cafes, billiard. And everything, absolutely everything is buried in grapes. This is simply amazing. In the morning, the delicate aroma of coffee and freshly baked khachapuri pulls into the open window ...

Oh, what a delicious food there is! Some of these khachapuri species alone! And sauces! Satsebeli, tkemali - this is generally a song! Rich kharcho, rich odjakhuri, delicious chkmeruli, tender mchadi and wine ... Mmmm, real Georgian wine. To top it all, August is the most fruitful time: peaches, figs, melons, nectarines, watermelons, grapes are real abundance! And everything is much cheaper than in Moscow. On one excursion I even came across a ripe persimmon on a tree, although still, of course, not the season.

In general, as you understood, we did not go hungry, swam in the sea for buoys, sunbathed and felt like at home. In fact. We were welcome everywhere, and sincerely. The feeling of openness and hospitality did not leave the rest. Absolute sense of security. All my cockroaches and fears disappeared after the very first day of their stay in this wonderful Georgian town. In addition, we arrived just before Varenka’s birthday, and we were happy to help organize a real family feast with national toasts and a chic cake for the birthday girl. Yes, and the doll presented, what made my beauty happy. Little things, but insanely nice.

A few minutes walk from our house was a large recreation park with playgrounds, fountains, hammocks and summer terraces, where in the evenings there were whole concerts with performances by singers and dancers. Music flows from all sides - national melodies and rhythms of foreign pop music. There is a place for everything, everything is aimed to rest among friends. And fiery dances do not allow just sitting on the bench, and pulls to join.


A couple of times we went to Batumi. I do not know what was there before, but now it is a very beautiful resort city. All old houses have been restored and preserved to the maximum. Many new beautiful buildings, cobbled streets, intricate monuments and landscaped parks. There is definitely something to see here, no wonder they say that a large amount of funds is being invested in this resort. An intricate tower, decorated with the letters of the Georgian alphabet with a viewing platform and restaurants, an observatory tower, a chic embankment, a funicular, a dolphinarium, a water park and much more appeared. So for one time just can not see the entire resort.

By the way, advice: ask a friend taxi driver to drive you around the most beautiful places in Batumi - I assure you, the city will open to you from a completely different side. For lovers of eco-transport throughout the city, bicycle rental terminals are located. But just to walk through it is a great pleasure. Route taxis constantly ply between Kobuleti and Batumi, so getting to it is not a problem at all. The trip will take about 25 minutes and cost 30 rubles.

On the outskirts of Kobuleti there is another nice place - Petra, the ruins of the ancient city. The remains of the city themselves may not represent something extraordinary, but the view from the mountain on which they are located is simply breathtaking. The embankments of Kobuleti on the left and the towering towers of Batumi on the right, as it were, embrace the endless expanse of the sea. By the way, the locals are very proud of their gorgeous sunset: the sun sets right in the middle, which creates an unforgettable landscape.

If you like antiquities, you can spend half a day on a trip to Gonio. True, unfortunately, only the walls of the ancient fortress were preserved there. But for my boys to climb them was a great pleasure.

One day we set aside a trip to the mountains. Just the heady air. On the way, we enjoyed the tangerine groves and fields of corn along with the children. And when they drank water from a mountain spring, complete peace and bliss came. Yes, it's just a miracle that I was here. How did the stars agree favorably that I can collect for my mom the best eucalyptus branches, or that I can stand on a bridge built under Queen Tamara and watch the boys below try to cross the rocks through the seething stream.

The road winds and rises higher and higher. How was it possible to lay it in the mountains here ... Stop, further on foot. 250 meters up, and in front of us is an Orthodox monastery and a view that creates the feeling of a wonderful natural theater. The mountains are like decorations, like silk carpets, and there is no end to them. Here we sit on the edge of the world, dangling the legs down, chewing the still warm khachapuri, and there is no greater happiness in the world ...

10 days for Georgia is insanely little. So much more I would like to see somewhere to go or just more bask in the sea. This country was a discovery for me. We rarely go twice, but I really want Georgia to be a happy exception. And we will again tell her the hamarjoba, genatsvali! Moreover, there is a cozy house twined with grapevine, in which guests are always welcome!

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