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How to make tits tits do it yourself: 3 ideas

Findus, the hero of Sven Nurdkvist's numerous books, is an unusual kitten. He does not catch mice and birds, like other cats, but on the contrary - feeds them. Together with him and your children will learn to make bird feeders with their own hands - from a milk package, a coconut and a flower pot. And also find out why tits feeders should be special.

Petson and Findus sat at the kitchen table, drank coffee and ate buns. The street was gray and dull. Wool socks dried over the slab. Findus got up and brought some bread from the cabinet, two slices of cheese, two meatballs and some bacon.

- Findus, do not eat, please, before dinner. “I'll put the potatoes in soon,” said Petson and shook the crumbs off his beard.

“This is not for me,” answered the cat. - This is my friends - mice and birds.

Pensively squinting, the old man looked at the kitten and smiled. Yes, Findus is an unusual cat - while other cats hunt mice, he feeds them and cares for them.

“Ah, then of course,” said Pettson and leaned back on the sofa.

Findus squeaked through a crack in the door. Meatballs and a slice of cheese - for mice. The rest he left tits. Climbing on the box, he just got to the trough. Kitten put there a second piece of cheese, bread and lard. Then he climbed into his tree house and waited.

“Chuck-chuck,” a black and white forty years ago noticed that they were setting the table. She sat on the edge of the trough and instantly swallowed a piece of cheese. She sliced ​​the bread into pieces, and Findus did not have time to blink as she ate everything.

- Wait! shouted Findus. - Leave at least something to the titans!

But forty just laughed, and with a piece of bacon in her beak flew to the nearest fir. Findus frowned. There is no trick here. What do you think what did Findus do?

What do animals do in order not to freeze in long cold and dark winters? Hedgehogs and bears hibernate. In the fall, they ate to heaps, and they should have enough fat for the whole winter. Ants, huddled together, sleep deep in the ground under an anthill. Limonnica butterflies and hives have found a secluded spot in the bark of a tree. Other butterflies die in the fall, but their larvae or pupae hibernate, and in the spring turn into new butterflies. Foxes, elks and hares dress in warmer coats. Forest hares even change color - they turn white so that they are not so visible in the snow. Migratory birds go to warm countries, because in the winter in our latitudes there are no mosquitoes and flies. Swallows fly to Africa, where is full of winged insects. But many small birds still remain.

Winter is a tough time for many animals. Most die, and not because it’s too cold outside, but because they cannot find food. Helping small birds is very simple. We just need to start putting food to them early so they know where to look for it. Having accustomed the birds to the feeder, do not forget to enclose them with food when the snow falls and the cold begins. Some birds remain if it seems to them that they will be able to feed themselves in the winter. Therefore, if you feed them only at the very beginning of winter, they will remain at the risk of starvation in the winter.

Seed Machine - Milk Package Feeder

From the milk package you can make a small bird cafe. Rinse the bag, then cut the windows below where your visitors will sit and where the seeds will lie. In the two-liter package windows can be made from several sides.

If you want, you can make the same feeder as in the picture, or you can invent your own model. It is best to make sure that the seeds do not spill all at once. Dust seeds can be on top, after which the hole must be closed. Try it! Attach a string to the upper edge of the feeder. The automatic feeder can be painted with bright waterproof paints. It remains only to hang a bird cafe on a tree branch or on a balcony and wait for the guests.

Coconut - Feeder for tits

Buy in the store coconut. It is very easy to make a bird feeder.

Inside the nut there is milk, which many people find very tasty. If you want to try, you need to drill little holes in the nut. The easiest way to do this is through the markings that are on the stupid end of the nut. Here the shell is the thinnest. Insert a tube into the hole. Before drinking, smell if the milk is fresh.

About a quarter of the shell was otpili from the opposite end of the nut. For this you need a saw with fine teeth. Be careful with the holes that you just drilled - they will come in handy to hang a nut on a branch.

The pulp in the bottom, sawed off parts of the nut can be eaten, or you can grate and sprinkle the cake, ice cream or Christmas caramel. Leave the flesh on most of the walnut tits!

Thread a string through the holes and hang a nut on the street. Coconut love and big tits, and azures.

Flower pot feeder

After the story of the magpie, Findus invented a special feeder to feed the tits. He called it "bell for tits", and make it like this.

  1. Thread a thick rope through a hole in the bottom of a clay flower pot. At the end of the rope inside the pot, tie a large knot so that the rope does not slip. The pot can be hung on a branch right behind this rope.
  2. In a stainless steel dipper, melt the interior fat by placing the dipper in a saucepan with water. Gray water until the fat is melted.

  1. Take a ready-made mixture of seeds for wild birds and add sunflower seeds, crispbread, raisins and nuts. Put all this in melted fat and pour the mixture into the pot.
  2. Put the pot in a cool place for the mixture to freeze. Tie a few knots on the rope so that the birds can hold onto them.
  3. Hang a pot outside the window, for example, on a tree branch. Sit still, and you will see tits and blue tit flocking to the trough. From the pot it will be convenient for them to peck food, and larger birds will not be able to prevent them.

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