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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Eastern rhythm

I graduated with honors from university and hit the development of my career. Having changed three firms, I got into a well-known company and found a job to my liking. Career went up the hill, there was excitement. By the age of 25 I managed to get a position of a leading accountant. I wondered if I could become a major by 30? I abandoned friends, my once favorite volleyball and origami - once! Naturally, no romance and parties.

Such a rhythm of work led to the fact that I became completely far from the glamorous ideals of beauty, and with size 52 it is difficult to fit into the framework of modernity. Like all women, I was in constant work on my figure, but I didn’t have an idea to "grow thin", for example, up to 46 years old, the main thing is to always keep myself in the form determined by nature. Certain complexes about my non-model sizes I, of course, had, always had difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. And then there are doctors for health reasons (worked out), many sports and shaping were forbidden to me.

Practically around the clock sitting at work began to affect health and now not just a hospital ... Hospital !! When I returned to work, I was in for a surprise: a two-week trip to Turkey. The management handed me her with the words that from there I must return rested - as good as new. The guide, as always, looked straight into the water. I did not want to go, but it was inconvenient to refuse the proposal of the boss. And I went to rest.

The next two weeks (with the road a little more) radically changed my life. I ended up in Kemer’s fabulous paradise, fragrant with flowers and spices. I realized how much I was depriving myself, completely devoting myself to work and refusing to rest and travel. I liked everything, and the impressions simply overwhelmed the soul devastated by work and stress. The hotel had a very strong animation team, and I enjoyed all their shows with great pleasure.

And on that memorable evening for me, an animated show announced a belly dance contest among the girls living in the hotel. I was just stunned that not only size 42 girls went to the competition ... Everyone performed just fine, it was very beautiful. The most interesting thing is that the first place was taken by a girl more complete than I, but what a sense of rhythm and plastic she had! I saw the burning eyes of the men and their enthusiastic and admiring glances. I thought: "And what am I? ..."

And so I began to go to the "local" classes in belly dancing ... They were held at a hotel near the pool in the morning. I met Marina, the "star of dance" of our hotel. She began to teach me too. I liked it so much, I got carried away. And the body also liked it: there was no pain and absolutely no resistance. There was a mood and long gone drive.

She returned, as expected, as a completely different person ... It became fun and easier to work, even life became easier. Like the rhythm of the dance turned into reality! It turns out that for a long time I lived completely without rhythm, on the same consciousness, automatically.

In one magazine, I found a good guide to belly dancing. It included elements of many cultures - Turkish, Indian, Gypsy. It was easy and even interesting to practice by this method. A month later, I noticed the result. No, I, of course, did not lose 10 kg, but my posture improved, my back muscles and abdomen strengthened. Somewhere in 2 months I completely mastered the plastic dance of "female beauty". It was right my vent in work and the only thing I could allow myself in my intense rhythm ...

Now seriously thinking about the manufacture of Oriental dresses. There was a desire to have them. But not to buy, but to make your own for yourself ... My dream is to find the time and still join the group of oriental dances. This is in my city ... So it turns out that hobbies in the "conscious" age can be better than children: they change a person’s life, they give meaning.

Watch the video: Maksoum Middle Eastern Rhythm (October 2019).