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Has life in the country become better or worse? What children 12-17 years old answered

Is it peacetime or war? If war, then who is at war with whom? Crimea our? What would you change if you became president? Psychologist Yekaterina Murashova asked these and other questions in early 2018 for children and adolescents. What did the respondents answer and what conclusions can be drawn from their answers? The chapter from the new book "Children are not toys for adults".

It so happened that I don’t have a clear civic position, I don’t go to the polls, but at the same time I have a vague idea that after all every citizen of any country should make his own contribution to her political life. If everyone - it means, and I, too.

And so, for about two months before our elections in March 2018, I conducted a survey of children. It seems logical to me, because it is they who will have to somehow navigate, do something and choose someone when V.V. Putin somewhere finally go anywhere. Therefore, it is important how they see and what they think in the age most sensitive to the formation of world views. But for some reason nobody asks about anything. I decided to correct this injustice.

I confess at once: in the process of the survey I received absolutely unexpected pleasure for myself. The answers and reasoning of the children seemed to me interesting, funny, and maybe even important. I hasten to share.

First: the children were unexpectedly politically active. They responded willingly and clearly rejoiced that someone inquired about their opinion. Besides, I was going to interview fifty people. As a result, it turned out fifty-seven - seven joined themselves, without a prior order: ask me (my friend, my girlfriend).

The age of the respondents was 12-17 years old, twenty-five boys and thirty-two girls.

Nationality - forty-six nominally Russians (in fact, the majority of the mixture, of course), two Central Asians, three Caucasians, one Russian German, one half-Finnish (father is a Finnish citizen), one drilled, two Tartars, one Jew.

Almost all have repeatedly been outside Russia, ten people even lived there for some time.

Second: there was a special question, and I want to inform the readers in advance of the answer. Children watch TV very little. Only five answered "I look quite a lot." The rest - "almost never look" or "rarely look." That is, the thing that adults call "zomboyaschikom", for them - by. News of the country they learn in other ways. From the Internet, of course, and unexpectedly high results (29 percent) - from conversations in the family. From conversations with peers - only 17 percent. Adults - attention! - this responsibility is also on you.

The first question is: if you could vote this time, who would you vote for and why?

Putin, of course, wins by a wide margin. In second place - Ksenia Sobchak. The rest of the candidates, the children are not even very clear and know. For example, two were convinced that grandfather Zyuganov was taking part in the elections, and one even - oh my God! - that the late Nemtsov!

- So he was killed! - I could not resist.

- Yes?! - the child was surprised.

This is not the end. Subsequently, another one appeared who thought they had killed Yavlinsky ...

There was a wonderful young man who firmly said that he would vote for Navalny.

- But he is not on the list.

- And I would write below and put a tick. In fact, this was exactly the way everyone had to say: not to boycott the elections, but to come, enter and deliver. And then check in on any special site - another tick. Then everyone would know how much is really for him.

And I thought: yes, yes, indeed, it sounds reasonable. Why no one from the opposition realized?

Explanation of reasons. Anchor: "Putin is a strong president; nobody will touch us under him." Also: "He will leave - it will be like in the nineties" (it is clear that this is the very third, which is "from conversations in the family," the children of the nineties themselves cannot remember). "It's okay, so let it go." "There is simply no one else worthy." "Yes, he is handsome!" "He already knows what's what, but others still figure out, you never know what will happen ..."

Those who would vote for Sobchak: "Well, what, cool!"; "Putin is tired, it is necessary that someone else"; "Why are all men, men ..."; "And I like her!"

Question: Our Crimea?

Fifty-six unambiguous "yes", one not very clear, from the semi-Finn - "it was necessary to do as in Hong Kong."

Question: what is politics? Could not answer, and almost half (mostly younger) did not answer or wrote "I do not know."

Leading answer: "Politics is a dirty business." My favorite (13 years old): "When someone wants to take away from others and take to himself or give to his own, but without a direct fight." Other answers: "so that one can control one another"; "special people so that countries agree" (apparently confused with diplomacy); "everybody's talk, to make money"; "who does not know how to heal, is there, or build, goes into politics" (I suppose that he, too, is from a family).

Question: You have a little more time, but something you have already seen, understood, realized. Do you think life in our country gets better or worse over the years?

Optimists. Thirty-two is better. Only seven is worse. The rest is not better, nor worse, stability.

Question: is it time of peace or war? If war, then who is at war with whom?

Oh, what a scatter!

Twenty answers: now is the time of peace.

Two answers: Russia is at war with Ukraine, mutually.

Two answers: Ukraine is at war with Russia, and Russia is not with it.

The Western world (including us) is at war with the Islamic.

The West is at war with everyone who is not like him (seven answers with variations).

The USA is at war where it is necessary for its power over the world. But they can not win us.

Together they are fighting against terrorism (three answers).

All against LIH, but also can not agree among themselves.

The West (mainly the USA) is against us (five answers).

One answer: we are all fighting against aliens, just do not know about it yet.

Two answers: all against all, the world is so arranged. One of the respondents (Caucasian): so I want, when I grow up, to become a mercenary. We have, or maybe in the French Foreign Legion.

Europe and the United States are fighting for democracy throughout the world (no, no, not a Finn and not a German — a Tatar!).

The forces of good are fighting against the forces of evil (we, Russia, are on the side of the forces of good, Putin is the main Jedi).

The Lord fights with Satan, it has always been like this, we, Russia, again mostly on the light side, but sometimes it puts us in, for Satan is strong and cunning.

Inshalla ... (one of the Central Asians).

Question: what would you change if you yourself became president?

  • I would give out all the children on the iPhone;
  • forbade parents to command children;
  • would suggest all countries to be friends;
  • I would not change anything, I still know very little, what if I ruin it (ten answers with variations);
  • would open all borders - they are outdated, and still the Internet does not know borders;
  • would be friends with China, its future;
  • would protect nature more, and so that dogs would not be killed;
  • need to restore the USSR;
  • development and concessional lending to small and medium-sized businesses in the regions (but not in Moscow and St. Petersburg — let them go there), the development of tourism in the Far East, the direction of oil revenues to re-equip heavy industry, slow down all external conflicts, pretend to be a democratic sheep and concentrate on the internal social sphere, to raise the retirement age, to invest in applied (fundamental until we draw) science, mainly in the processing industry, organic synthesis, pharmacology and YETİK (pure electronics we do not catch up, there is nothing to be dishonored, but neural networks we have backlogs), reform of local self-government ... and three more pages (!) of the close, sometimes very far from stupid text. 17 years. New Yavlinsky? But what if the fate of this is not so sad?

Question: which of the politicians do you like?

First place - Putin.

The second is Che Guevara (four answers).

More - Navalny, Trump, Gurbanguly Myalikkulievich Berdymmuhammedov, K. Sobchak, Indira Gandhi, Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, Peter I, Stolypin (oh, where is this from?), Alexander the Great, King Arthur, Darth Vader, Deienerys Targaryen ...

It seems that interesting times are still waiting for us, do you agree?

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