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Wedding Fashion Trends 2010

The recent Wedding Fashion Week in New York has once again demonstrated that in the world of wedding dresses, new trends appear no less than in the world of ready-made clothes. It would seem that the traditions limiting the design of the wedding dress do not allow designers to experiment, creating something radically new.

However, as the collections of Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wong, whose wedding gowns are worn even by Hollywood stars, prove, the most trendy wedding gowns have gone far from the classic lush dresses.

One of the most notable trends in the spring wedding collections of 2010 was the abundance of flowers - embroidery, prints and floral applications vary from small to large. A modern bride, apparently, no longer needs a traditional wedding bouquet - it is successfully replaced by romantic flowers on the dress.

Following the current trend in the prêt-a-porte collections, wedding designers built their new collections on luxurious fabrics of metallic shades. The use of such fabrics in wedding dresses is even more justified than in ready-made casual clothes - delicate silvery shades make the wedding dress even more luxurious, and the weight of the flowing shiny folds makes the lush outfit almost royal. Such famous designers of wedding wear as Carolina Herrera, Monique Lule and Vera Wong turned to metallic shades in the new season.

Another trend brought by wedding designers from prêt-a-porte collections is the abundance of decor: wedding dresses traditionally differ much more in a variety of jewelry than everyday dresses, but in the new spring-summer season 2010 the abundance of sparkles, embroidery with sparkling crystals and beads are far superior previous wedding collections. And from the haute couture collections, wedding designers borrowed the decoration of their dresses with feathers. In addition, the special relevance in spring bridal collections received ruffles - by adding pomp and texture to the bridal collection, designers use ruffles to achieve classic pomp and volume.

The most topical spring-summer wedding dresses are also distinguished by an abundance of lace - just look at the latest collection of Vera Wong, which includes lush lace dresses worthy of a real princess. In one of these dresses Ivanka Trump recently married - a long fluffy skirt of a classic white dress, as well as the top of the dress, were created from translucent delicate lace.

The asymmetry acquired a special popularity in the new spring-summer 2010 season - again borrowed from the prêt-a-porte collections. Dresses with one shoulder, reminiscent of the tunics of ancient Greek goddesses, replaced traditional strapless dresses. Asymmetrical cuts and cuts with the same success are used by wedding designers both to create classic curvaceous dresses with a long skirt and to create shorter dresses. Mini-dresses, which have long been gradually conquering the world of wedding fashion, are more popular than ever before in the new spring-summer season. The interest of wedding designers to shorter outfits is fully justified: a short wedding dress for a modern bride is much more comfortable, does not hamper movement, and allows you to spend much more time on your feet without tangling in a long hem.

Along with mini-dresses, the growing popularity of which in wedding collections actually violates all the traditional canons of a wedding dress, colored dresses have also gained special popularity. From the largest fashion designers to more democratic wedding brands, in the wedding collections of Vera Wong, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lule, along with the classic white, there are dresses of shades of pale pink, light green, lemon, peach and blue. Some designers decide on an even more radical step, including in their collections black color - black top skirt from translucent tulle, contrasting black flower embroidery on a white background or a black belt. And designer Vera Wong, in her new spring-summer bridal collection, included a single completely black dress, decorated with satin ribbons.

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