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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Fur vest - the main trend of the season!

The fur vest is the main trend of the Fall-Winter 2011-2012 season. The number of vests that participated in fashion shows is incalculable. And none of the leading designers paid attention to this most fashionable element: Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and other fashion houses presented in their collections fur vests of various modifications and lengths.

Fur vests

The most fashionable version of the vest - from mink or sable. Such vests look very impressive for any combination, the only negative is the high price. But, on the other hand, a fur vest made of mink or sable will not live for one season, and all the beauty of natural fur will delight for many years.

Sable vest - piece goods, expensive and elite. Therefore, it is logical to wear such vests only on glamorous parties or on going to the theater with the appropriate attributes: diamond necklaces, gold bracelets, leather leggings and boots on a high platform. As an option for a secular reception - a long evening dress.

Mink vests are more democratic, but who would argue that a mink is not casual wear and therefore requires respect for yourself! Although, the wear resistance of the mink has no equal, so it can be worn during the daytime. A mink vest can be either short, to the waist, or long to the middle of the thigh.

Extended variants are necessarily intercepted by belts: either monophonic in the daytime, or with inlay and intricate fittings for "evening" exits. Straight cut mink long vests can be combined with jeans or skinny trousers, short ones look great with cocktail dresses and pencil skirts.

Try to play on the contrast of textures and put on a vest with a flowing evening dress or sheath dress - both are win-win, just remember to choose the right accessories - everyone's attention is guaranteed!

Vests made of fox, fox and silver fox are very popular in the Russian open spaces. Beautiful and quite strong fur, not pretentious to wear. Designers offer a large number of variations on a given topic: both natural fur coloring and toning are in fashion.

It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the owner. And if snow-white fur creates the illusion of a snow-covered image and requires either full color matching or contrasting options, then the silver fox and fox painted in the most fashionable colors of the season can transform the image in any form: from the fatal beauty of the 30s of the last century to the ultra-modern neon decadence. These vests are perfect paired with hats and trousers a la Marlene Dietrich.

Astrakhan vest is not so spectacular, but its emphasized elegance and simplicity of cut will attract admirers of minimalism and aristocratic luxury - both directions are very popular this season. Karakul vests can be either straight or with an asymmetrical hem. Since the fur is very short, the decoration of the vests is only encouraged: intricate buttons and original fasteners in combination with fashionable belts and belts will create a modern look with a slight retro touch. In addition, it is practically the only type of vests that can be worn with puffy skirts and they are perfect for girls with feminine forms.

The rabbit fur vest is a vest for one season. This should not be forgotten, however, and this has its advantage: there is a chance that next spring you will be able to update your wardrobe without much financial loss.

Mouton vests are undoubtedly the only option to create an ethnicity. Yes, and they keep the heat perfectly. The last season squeak is a vest worn over a coat: it looks unusual and fresh. These vests are wonderfully combined with long skirts with ethnic prints, and classic trousers with the finest silk blouses look great. Try on a flared wool skirt, a turtleneck in tone, take off your boots and handbag in burgundy shades - and you are irresistible. Oh, and don’t forget long knee-highs to complete the look.

And, probably, the brightest trend of the season in all senses - painted vests made of llama fur. Designers did not regret for them the colors and presented to the public bright blue, green and purple versions. To emphasize the brightness and originality of the owner, you just need to wear, in addition to the vest, varnished boots, stockings, leather skirt in the color of the vest and long gloves with sockets - and we have a real grunge lady!

Faux fur vests

Of course, vests made of fur of arctic fox, silver fox and foxes are spectacular. But if personal beliefs or high cost do not allow to get a vest from natural fur, then modern fashionistas have a choice - a vest from artificial fur.

One of the main advantages of a faux fur vest is the incomparable variety of textures and colors. Moreover, these vests are suitable not only for adult ladies, but also for young fashionable women.

Since the long-fur fur is at its peak of popularity, one should pay attention to these variations. A big plus in favor of imitation fur will be the fact that such fur is very easy to combine with other textures: leather, knitwear and silk, and the mix is ​​more relevant this season than ever.

World designers have also introduced faux fur vests into their collections. And on the podium reigned as monochrome options, and predatory colors. Monochrome vests were mostly bright colors - from turquoise to crimson. But among the prints dominated the "leopard" - but it is rather an echo of the outgoing season.

Neon vests are just made for trips to nightclubs - bright, catchy, cheerful. And in the afternoon they look quite appropriate. The only condition is that clothes for such vests must either be selected to match the tone, or be played in contrasts. And the main thing is to keep the proportions: if the vest is bright, then from the jewelry long earrings and a watch with a large dial may be appropriate, or a large necklace and a pair of rings - no more.

Vest Modifications

Most designers offer fur vests to the hips. Most, but not all. Some fashion designers presented very long vests to the floor. Why not? Combined vests of several types of fur look very original and quite appropriate with any clothing: with thin silk dresses, and with classic trousers with an arrow and wide skirts to the ankle. With such vests it is necessary to pick up shoes on an average heel, so that it is not only warm, but also comfortable.

Short vests with long fur look gorgeous in combination with small shorts and sporty boots. Do you think that this option is too extreme for the Russian weather? Then put on the leggings above the knee - a modern urban girl can afford it.

Waistcoats to the waist are appropriate only in combination with classic trousers and leggings, they go well together with straight skirts. But to combine them with flared skirts is strongly not recommended.

Waistcoats to the hips - optimal in every sense. Beautiful with pants and jeans, with flying mini-skirts and straight midi. There are no restrictions on dresses and sundresses - they can be safely ranked as the basic component of the wardrobe of this fall.

Vests to the knee were the most popular at the shows of this season, and such vests may even have a small sleeve. With them in a pair of required belt or belt. You need to combine with pants or dresses, not longer than the vest.

And finally - maxi vest. The most elegant look are vests made of short fur: astrakhan, sheepskin, muton, rabbit and sheared nutria.

Vests are combined with different types of hats: hats, caps, shawls, scarves and scarves, pipes, a categorical ban on knitted hats - because the image must be supported, not distorted.

If you decide to make a bet on a fur vest this season, then remember that a lot of fur is bad. You should not combine an expensive and exclusive thing with a fur bag or fur gloves.

Accessories include belts, bags made of smooth leather, large necklaces, long gloves, leggings, stockings and leggings looking out of boots, and high boots. All of the above is very important in the fall, so making a fashionable image is not difficult.

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