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Let's go to the gym!

"Nowadays, such a sport as rhythmic gymnastics is necessary. After all, thanks to the combination of elements of sport and dance in it, it perfectly contributes to the harmonious development of the beautiful half of the human race."
Igor Moiseev, the greatest choreographer of the XX century, choreographer

Many parents often ask what kind of sport to choose for their growing up daughter. What should be guided by? Let us take a look at the gym, where "artists" are trained - that is how the representatives of this beautiful sport are called.

To the sounds of fascinating music with the virtuosity of ballerinas, thin, long-legged girls perform jumps, pirouettes, acrobatic stunts, and at the same time possess objects that literally come to life in their hands. A spectacle worthy of even the most fastidious aesthetes. But it's not about them, but about what classes in the rhythmic gymnastics section can give.

Quick reference
Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport, which includes performing with music, exercises with a hoop, rope, ball, clubs, tape. Russia is the birthplace of rhythmic gymnastics. The subject of national pride.

What do rhythmic gymnastics classes give? Thanks to the fantastic success of the Russian national team, rhythmic gymnastics has become a very popular sport. Every year, hundreds of thousands of girls cross the threshold of sports schools. For many, the gym is becoming the second home, another family for many years.

In rhythmic gymnastics, by virtue of its specificity, children arrive rather early. Many begin to train from kindergarten. The fact is that at this age the muscles and ligaments are still very plastic, easier to stretch. The process of stretching does not bring great joy, but is extremely important and necessary. Watching the rhythmic gymnastics competitions for the first time, you were most likely struck by the flexibility and stretch of the gymnasts. These are the main physical qualities that develop thanks to gymnastics.

What is still striking? Of course, virtuoso work with objects - hoop, ribbon, clubs, rope and ball. Gymnasts seem to breathe life into them, making throws, fishing, spirals and other manipulations. Such exercises contribute to the development of speed, agility and coordination of movements. In general, rhythmic gymnastics is a complex sport in terms of coordination.

For the young athlete involved in gymnastics, a new program, a new little masterpiece, is compiled annually. It develops the ability of children to embody various images. The performance of the compositions is filled with grace, musicality and artistry. These are the results of choreographic training, which gives a base to a polished balance, brilliant turns, flying jumps.

Already in the first lesson of choreography sounds French. And very soon, your little daughter can easily translate the terms "plie", "batman", "attitude" and hit everyone with a proud posture, a walking pace and beautiful plastic.

"The choreography introduces a lot of new, attractive, effective into arbitrary combinations. And, naturally, it helps to create an image. I would like to say good words to the representatives of rhythmic gymnastics because they perfectly serve the cause of aesthetic education of young people. Maris Liepa, ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher

Since childhood, gymnasts are inculcated with ideas about elegance and taste, which are manifested in the selection of musical accompaniment, costume for performances, hairstyles and makeup. Even very small "artists" know that everything should be subordinated to the general idea of ​​the exercise: the color of the suit and the subject, the makeup palette - everything should be harmoniously matched. And all the skills remain with girls forever, which can not but rejoice their parents.

Every year workouts are becoming more frequent and longer. Without endurance and speed-strength qualities can not do. To shine in competitions, you have to work a lot, because a lot of work is behind the beauty and seeming ease of movement.

Gymnastics brings up in children and moral-volitional qualities - dedication, hard work, self-discipline and the ability to work in a team. These are important factors in sports life. However, not only in it. And this also remains forever.

Many of you will think: "When does a child have time to do homework, walk, have fun?" There is a good proverb on this score: "He who doesn’t do anything is in time." Sports activities so mobilize a child that he becomes precocious and organized. According to statistics, most first graders involved in gymnastics, are excellent pupils.

Moreover, they do not fall into the cohort of children wandering aimlessly from idleness after school in search of adventure.

What do doctors recommend?
If you and your child decide on the choice of section, before proceeding to classes, you should consult a doctor. Make an ECG, check the function of external respiration, the state of the spine. The pediatrician will give recommendations regarding the chosen sport.
What do psychologists recommend?
Psychological comfort, the feeling that he is well understood, help to overcome difficulties - this is what a child should feel at the very beginning. Classes should bring joy, only in this case they will benefit from health.

Choosing a sports school. Motivation

Before you choose a school of rhythmic gymnastics, decide: what do you expect from it? If you see your daughter as a future Olympic champion, you are attracted by international competitions, victories, medals - then you need to pick a serious school and an experienced coach. But remember that in this case, not only awards and applause, but also serious regular training, a lot of workload and the enormous work of the child, his coach and parents are ahead.

If you do not have plans for "gold" of international tournaments, you can select a school easier.

Here you can even "kill three birds with one stone":

  • first, the loads and requirements will be smaller;
  • secondly, in the school or the house of culture of your area there will be less payment, proximity to the house is also an important factor;
  • thirdly, the girl will still participate in competitions on a school or district scale, where, with good results, the coaches from the Olympic reserve schools will pay attention to her.
"At this age, the child is engaged not in the love of sport, but in the love of the person with whom he meets in training." Irina Viner, head coach of the Russian Federation in rhythmic gymnastics.

And the most important thing is to choose a trainer for your child, classes with which will bring joy and pleasure, despite the loads and stretch marks. Very often, the coach becomes one of the main actors in the life of an athlete and a real mentor not only in the sports arena.

Regardless of whether your daughter will be the winner of international tournaments or not, she will acquire a magnificent figure, proud posture, charming plastic, strong character, broad outlook, unique ability to present herself in any situation. In our difficult time, all these qualities, you see, are just a gift!