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Pain relief during home birth

If you like home you have a limited choice when it comes to pain control. This is because most medications have to be administered under the watchful eye of a specialist. Yet there are a few methods pain relief during home birth you can choose from. I call them below.

Natural pain relief during home birth

Natural pain relief during home birth does not consist of resources. These are small actions that can be performed to relieve the pain.

  • Breathing exercises

    When a woe is so painful, you can catch this pain by breathing well. A good one also ensures breathing technique make sure you can relax better which is very conducive to your delivery. In addition, good breathing ensures that you get enough oxygen, slows your heartbeat a little and lowers your blood pressure.

  • Adopt various attitudes

    It is nowhere established that you must necessarily lie on your back during the delivery. Maybe you think it's better to lie on your side or just stand. During the delivery, try out various postures and see which posture best helps you deal with the pain.

  • To lie in the bath or in the shower

    Sometimes a hot bath or warm shower can give a wonderful relief from the pain in the bar. It ensures that you can relax for a while. The warm water may also promote the contractions and the opening up. Do not go to bath or shower too quickly because that can cause the delivery to continue. It is also not wise to immerse yourself in the bath if your membranes are already broken!

  • Let yourself be massaged

    Allow yourself to be 'pampered' during the delivery by a massage of your lower back. If you let your lower back massage, the muscles of your back relax, which can relieve the pain. Perhaps it is nice to let your partner perform this massage. In this way he or she is more involved in the delivery and the person feels that they can help you. Practice this massage just before giving birth so you know what you really like. Would you rather that your partner hold your hand or perhaps take pictures? You can always choose to let a professional come to take pictures!

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Alternative forms of pain relief

There are a number of alternative forms that you can use as pain relief during home birth. If one of these methods appeals to you, it is wise to first obtain good information so that you can be sure that it really is yours. It is better to know before giving birth that something is not your thing, than during delivery!

  • Hypnosis

    You can bring yourself under a kind of hypnosis during childbirth. You can learn this in a special course. This course is called hypnosis or hypnobirthing. What you mainly learn is to relax well and deeply when the contractions are most intense. It is not that you are 'of the world' during the delivery. You make him very conscious, but then more relaxed.

  • Birth-TENS

    This is a device that contains 4 electronic patches. You place this patch on your back during delivery. The device can reduce the pain impulses that are sent to your brain by giving impulses.

  • Acupuncture

    Are you already familiar with acupuncture, then it can also help during childbirth. At acupuncture you get needles in your body that can possibly alleviate the pain. Often it is necessary that the acupuncturist is present during delivery.

  • Phytotherapy

    Phytotherapy means that you get medicines that are made from herbs. The means have been used for centuries to alleviate the pain during childbirth. If you want to use this, it is wise to seek advice from a reputable specialist in phytotherapy. Do not get started with remedies yourself, herbal medicines can also contain harmful substances for your child.

  • Aromatherapy

    Scents can be very soothing or just bring out your personal power when it is needed. If this appeals to you, you can try out which scents have a certain influence on you that can help you during the delivery. In addition to scents, certain essential oils can have an analgesic effect on your body. Always let yourself be well informed if you want to use essential oils. You are not allowed to apply all oils on your skin.

  • Water injections

    A water injection in your lower back can sometimes contribute to reducing the pain because the water slightly dampens the pain. Always ask your midwife if you can use these injections and how you can best do this.

So you see that despite there being no specialist in the neighborhood there are enough possibilities for pain relief during home delivery. Did you know that you can also prepare for pain during childbirth?