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Return form after delivery: 4 tips for young mothers

It's no secret that about 70% of mothers gain weight after the birth of a baby. The main thing is not to worry too much about this and have patience. As a rule, most women can return to their previous form for about a year, and breastfeeding here is not the enemy, but an ally in the fight for harmony.

In any case, if you decide to actively take care of yourself, experts recommend not rushing things and observing a sense of proportion - 1-2 kilograms per month will be optimal for a nursing mother.

In an effort to restore the former appearance, you should not forget about the condition of the hair and skin - as a rule, the appearance of the baby affects them, not least. Therefore, a healthy diet and gentle training is best combined with the procedures for personal care. And in order to achieve maximum results in a short time, you should choose an integrated approach and follow simple tips.

  1. Healthy products for slimming and nourishing During the period of breastfeeding, the mother can not get involved in hard or monotonous diets, it will inevitably affect the quality and quantity of milk. Give preference to healthy foods - this will help you get back in shape faster without harming the baby’s diet. Nutritionists recommend adjusting the mom's diet by the hour, at the same time reducing the size of servings and increasing the number of meals. For nursing mothers are suitable diets with the restriction, but not the exception of evening meals, split meals, calorie counting. It will not be superfluous to consult a doctor: he must determine the daily rate.

  2. Training - by well-being and level of training If you were friends with sports and before becoming a mother, and the birth was normal, then, according to most experts, you can start training of average intensity 3-4 months after birth. Yoga, Pilates, shaping with the subsequent transition to aerobics and callanetics will do. If health or fitness is in doubt, consult your gynecologist and doctor in the fitness center. Compromise option, suitable for both employed and not very well prepared - light aerobic exercise. Fast walking with a stroller or without it, 10-minute exercise in the mornings and evenings: one has only to start, and in a couple of weeks the result will be visible even from such not very tedious exercises.

  3. Problem areas - we eliminate gradually To quickly deal with the stomach after childbirth, experts recommend thinking about it in advance. A strong press before pregnancy will help the figure to get sports outlines faster when the baby is already born. But whatever the form of the mother, in the first month after birth, you can learn to breathe the diaphragm. It helps to lose weight and tighten the stomach, and also helps to feel more cheerful throughout the day. Later, the press can be pumped in three-day cycles: today is five minutes for the upper muscles, tomorrow for obliques, the day after tomorrow for the lower ones. But squats and legs are better to perform every day - this is the only way to bring the hips to its original state.

  4. Skin tone and nourishment for hair In order to tighten and smooth the skin on the abdomen and thighs, you can use ground coffee or sea salt as a scrub, adding a little cream. Rub the home scrub after a warm shower or bath with light circular movements, paying special attention to the problem areas. If the hair is dull or began to fall out - do not panic, as a rule, this is due to the hormonal changes in the body. You can strengthen them with the help of elementary means - for example, applying burdock oil, a raw egg or rye bread crumb before washing your head.

No matter what procedure is involved, the main thing to achieve the effect is not intensity, but regularity. Therefore, at home, as much as possible, mother should give her appearance at least a few minutes a day. However, for some procedures, you still have to leave your home - in a fitness center or beauty salon. But if you provide your baby with nutrition beforehand, by expressing milk, there is nothing to worry about leaving him for an hour or two with his dad or other family members. Moreover, now you can not worry about the fact that the child will then give up the breast - with a new bottle of the Philips AVENT Natural series you can easily combine both types of feedings.

The novelty has a wide physiological nipple, imitating the shape of the breast. This form allows the baby to properly capture the nipple and make sucking movements during feeding, similar to those he does during breastfeeding. Clinical studies conducted at the Children's Health Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have shown that when using the Philips AVENT Natural Series bottle, most babies continue to feed easily from their mother’s breasts, so now even nursing mothers have the opportunity to spend time and make sure that the baby gets the best is breast milk.

To protect the baby from infantile colic, the new nipple is equipped with special “petals” at the base, which do not allow it to stick together, and a double anti-colic valve. It prevents the ingestion of air by passing it inside the container, and not into the baby’s tummy. Such a bottle is also convenient in everyday life - it will be easy to keep even your little one. And, besides, it is easy to fill and wash it, and also to combine with other accessories for feeding Philips AVENT.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to give the appearance of gloss and take care of yourself. Have patience and tune in correctly, because every child will be happy to see his beloved mother well-groomed and beautiful, and you can't even talk about men!

By the way, surely each of us will find a pair of our own tricks on nutrition, exercise, or refreshing cosmetic procedures. Let's share them with each other!

More information on products and breastfeeding on the site www.philips.ru/AVENT.

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