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Editor'S Choice - 2019

How to teach a child to speak: without kindergarten and children

My son will soon be 3 years old, we don’t go to kindergarten and baby clubs, all our education takes place at home. By 3 years old, my son speaks perfectly, builds sentences, links them together, he has a huge vocabulary. The only thing with the sound "p" is not yet friends.

And I would not give it great importance, chatting and chatting. It’s just that from early childhood, in playgrounds or among friends, I heard more and more often: “How well he speaks well with you”. And when they found out how old he was, everyone's jaws dropped: my son started talking at 1 year 8 months.

There is no definite age when a child simply must speak. There are parents who, looking at other kids, begin to worry, why does their child speak so badly or is silent at all. Indeed, my son's peers either spoke in one syllable, or instead of a word, moaned or simply betrayed words that they knew, but incoherently. I didn’t have a goal to teach a child to speak at 1.8 years old, so I didn’t even have the idea to give it to the garden at 2 years only so that he could learn to talk there, looking at other children.

What did I do? When the child grew up and gave out certain sounds, trying to keep up a dialogue with me, I almost never answered him with “his own language,” although it really touched me. I talked to him as an adult. Then he could not get different words, I repeatedly pronounced their correct pronunciation. And I saw the sincere desire of the child to repeat this word correctly, and at times it was, well, very funny. When he tried to construct sentences from several words, I helped him to complete the thought.

I always had a wild desire to show the child the world around us. Therefore, when I walked with him, I always told what surrounds us. When my son grew up and we were going somewhere, I asked him various questions from the series: “What do you see? Where do you think we're going? What color is the car, etc. ". I didn’t always get answers, but I wasn’t silent ... I didn’t answer, well, okay, I will explain and tell him everything myself.

From birth, my grandmother and I talked a lot with the child, literally from the cradle he read many poems and fairy tales of Pushkin. When I didn’t know what to tell him, I just wrote stories myself, dreamed about something out loud, well, and my grandmother talked to him endlessly.

We live in the modern world, where gadgets have replaced almost everything with us, but, in my opinion, nothing can replace books. Books gave a huge impetus to development. Several times I took him to the children's library, where there were a lot of books, this caused wild delight in his son.

When my son began to grow up, I began to read books to him, I bought albums on the development of speech, encyclopedias, in which we studied every day. He included classical music, children's songs, songs that I like, and even sang to him. Is it any wonder that my child can recite a verse or calmly sing along with him or my favorite song?

I understand that now there are many places for the development of children, where qualified specialists are involved with them. I believe that while the baby is growing, attention, mother care and her desire to show the baby the world will not be replaced by anything and nothing.

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