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Editor'S Choice - 2019

We live in this world to learn all the lessons that life gives us

When we do not learn a lesson, we have to learn it again and again. When we finally learn the lesson, life gives us the next one. And these lessons will never end!

For the time being, you do not even notice the obvious ...

When I was ten, the biggest jewel in my life was a soccer ball. I did not part with him either at the table or in bed, and once a week, instead of shoes, I nadraival him to shine. I knew everything about football, but about many other aspects of life, in particular, about where children come from, I had a very vague idea.

One afternoon, playing outside, I lost my precious ball. I searched everything around and concluded that someone had stolen it.

After some time, I suddenly noticed a woman who clearly hid him under her clothes. I approached her with a firm step and asked sternly: "What the heck is this, I wonder, did you shove my ball under your jacket?"

Of course, she didn’t have any ball ... But it was on that day that I learned where the children come from and what the woman looks like in the ninth month.

I still found the ball then, but a little later.

However, most of all I was puzzled then, why before the age of ten I never noticed pregnant women ... And why, after this incident, they began to come across to me at almost every step.

Every now and then there are times when we mature for the perception of new information. And before that, we can completely ignore the fact that we have right under our noses.

Why do we give trouble and misfortune?

Most of us do not make any conclusions until we get a good slap from life! Why? Because it is much easier not to change. And therefore we continue to do what we have done before, until we stop with a run into the blank wall.

Take health, for example. When do we change the diet and start doing physical exercise? When the body is already starting to fall apart, when the doctor tells us: "If you don’t change your lifestyle, you will definitely die!" Suddenly we have a motivation!

And in a personal relationship? When do we begin to confess to a partner that he is very dear to us? When marriage is on the verge of decay, and family life is falling apart.

And in school? When do we finally take on the mind and start practicing? When we are about to be kicked out of school. And in business? When do we start testing new ideas and making difficult decisions? When there is nothing to pay the bills. When do we finally remember about the customer service system? When customers no longer remain!

And when you hear a prayer from us? When life just about stone on stone will not remain. "Lord Almighty, I, of course, understand that it is wrong to remember about you, only to find yourself in full well ..."

We learn the most serious lessons in the most difficult situations. Tell me when we have to make major decisions of our lives? After big catastrophes or total failures! That is, when life put us on our knees or had a good slap on the head! It is at such moments that we say to ourselves: “I am fed up with life in poverty, I’m tired of being run errands for everyone, I’m tired of being mediocre. I have to do something.” Successes delight us, but rarely what is taught. And failures are a painful thing, and that is why a good science for the future. And then, looking back, we, as a rule, understand that it was “catastrophes” that became the turning points of our life.

Effective people, of course, don’t look for problems on their head on purpose, but, having received from their lives, they ask themselves the question: "How can I change my thoughts and actions? How can I become better than I am now?" Losers ignore all the signs and warnings, and when the walls of the world begin to crumble around them, they are surprised: "Why does all this happen to me?"

We are slaves to our habits. We will continue to do what we did until something causes us to change.

Mary threw her buddy El. Plunging into the abyss of despair, she locked herself in her bedroom for a week. But then gradually begins to ring old friends and girlfriends and meet new ones. Soon she changes her apartment and moves to another job. After six months, she feels more happiness and self-confidence than in her entire previous life. She looks back at the "catastrophe", which seemed to her the loss of Al, and sees that this was the best event in her life.

Fred fucked from work. He could not find any other place, and for this reason he opened his own small business. For the first time in his life, he became his boss and began to do what he really wanted. He still has problems, but now there is a sense in his life and some revival has taken place, and all this is a result of a seemingly obvious catastrophic event.

That is, life is a series of painful disasters?

Not necessary. The universe is constantly pushing us in the right direction, giving delicate clues. If we don’t pay attention to these signs, she starts pushing us with a club. Growing hardest when you resist this process.

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