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Our inner self and disease ...

Lately, not only folk healers, parapsychologists and psychotherapists say that we grow our diseases ourselves, attract them and project them ...

Most of us have certain problems, we suffer from complexes from childhood, we suffer from shyness, we doubt our strength and talents. And illnesses feed on this energy, like vampires, gain strength from the energy of our negative emotions.

According to psychotherapists, eye diseases arise from our unwillingness to see this or that life situation that scares and annoys us.

So, myopia, according to experts, occurs in children who are not fond of their parents, are not warmed by them, do not have a trusting relationship with dad and mom. They are frightened by the future, and in adolescents myopia increases on the threshold of entering adulthood. It’s good if there is an adult next to him who teaches how to see good in other people and the world around and tells you how to develop your talents and positive qualities.

Asthma and problems with the respiratory system in childhood occur in children to whom parents leave no other way to attract the attention of their mother and father, as soon as through whims and illness. Such children feel unnecessary, superfluous, they are overwhelmed with insult, anxiety, they lack simple human warmth, touch, kind word. They drive in all their fears and despair. These children can help hobby, artistic hobbies, taking care of the animal.

My mother told me that right after the war, they had a living corner in the school, and they brought in those years of hunger for what they could for their pets. And they went to the school of young naturalists, nursed there for rabbits and goats. Mom said that it gave great joy, distracting from the difficult post-war disorder, and the gray world around became brighter, there was a confidence that everything would be fine. Nowadays, unfortunately, it happens that papa and mama work a lot, come home tired, with their problems and stresses, grandmothers and grandfathers are not around. Parents don't want to see animals in the house for one reason or another. And what is left for the child to do? Love the computer? Maybe it would be nice if the children were told that any car has a soul and needs a good attitude. From this side, I like the Japanese - every stone and wardrobe has a soul.

In our youth and early youth, many of us are overwhelmed by excessive emotionality, we become vulnerable, offended by trifles. Worst of all, when all this is accompanied by more and immaturity, the inability to solve their problems. Sometimes you meet a forty-year-old man, and he still relies on his parents and blames them for his failures. In such cases, it is worthwhile to think that your parents also did not give love and understanding to their parents, and so, as they say in religious sources, to the seventh generation. You do not want your children to pay the same bills too?

Therefore, it is worth admitting to yourself that you are already an adult and decide for yourself what to do and how, that is, write your life script every second. So write it the way you want. And forgive your parents. The older they get, the more and more they need at least a drop of your attention and care.

Those who forgive their parents cease to chew past offenses, burn their anger in the fire of forgiveness, receive inner freedom and begin to live as independent individuals. Not allowing thereby to develop vascular dystonia.

Experts say that isolation has not yet benefited anyone, but openness keeps youth and does not allow them to plunge into the depths of depression. If something bothers you, do not be afraid to talk about it with your loved ones. It happens that in childhood the child feels useless; he wants to run away from his parents and at the same time he understands his strong dependence on them. In adolescence, these children often start having skin problems. Psychotherapists say that the best cure for skin diseases is the ability to distract from their own experiences and start helping others.

One has only to look around and it will become clear that a huge number of people have much more reason for grief. By extending a hand to them, you can cure yourself unnoticed.

Cardiovascular diseases usually attack those who are often anxious, tend to aggression, instead of diplomacy, prefers a frontal attack, easily moves to elevated tones in any dispute and maintains the opinion that the one who has more arguments is not right. Such a position may help in career growth, but in terms of health and harmony leads to a dead end. Close ones are gradually moving away, friends are disappearing somewhere. Observe and notice that even pets try not to deal with a person prone to showing negative feelings.

Those who, in the absence of the sun in the sky, are able to be the sun for those around them, remain very healthy and beautiful to a great age.

A stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer is not the one who has a mother-in-law's ulcer, but the wife is a bitch, and the one who is dissatisfied with everything and everyone who has much distress, revels in failures, heals his fears. Melancholic, choleric and ... workaholics are most susceptible to these diseases. Doctors say that during stresses and cracks in these people, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach increases and mucous membrane damage begins. Doctors advise such people to paint their world with all the colors of the rainbow, to learn how to rejoice in the dewdrop on a flower, bird's trill, and the smile of a passerby.

Do not spend your life fighting this life itself.

Do not forget to praise yourself on trifles, encourage yourself to be loved, get a diary of your victories and achievements and reread it before bedtime.

And, falling asleep, be sure to draw in the imagination of the scene of how good tomorrow should go. Choose the brightest and saturated colors, do not be afraid to overdo it.

Fate, the subconscious, God - you can call it whatever you want - you will surely hear you and meet you.

No wonder we are told from above: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and find; knock, and it will be opened to you ...".

So our health, beauty, success and love is in our hands, we just have to understand it and start working on ourselves, as the quality of life will begin to improve.

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