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Childcare from year to year: diapers, panties for active kids

One of the main concerns of the modern mother is the physical development of the baby. Gone are the days when the child spent almost all his first year in a crib or stroller. Today, mothers know: the more confident their child develops the main motor skills - learning to hold his head, roll over, crawl, sit down, stand on his legs and walk - the better his brain develops, and in it the centers of speech. A child who is not constrained in his movements grows up active and inquisitive.

Young mother also does not want to lock in four walls. With modern means of child care and a variety of means of transportation, the outlets with the baby are no longer limited to only the necessary polyclinic and a shop. Mothers take babies with them to meet with friends and exhibitions, do children's yoga and swimming with them, go together to early development groups and go on trips.

However, care for the restless still lies with the mother. She is responsible for the safety, cleanliness and comfort of her baby. It is not easy to wear a disposable diaper on the crumbs, which, having learned to roll over, is ready to roll away from you! And the older child tries to crawl away ... What about children 2 and 3 years of age, who not only mastered many complex movements, but are also ready to insist on their own at every opportunity.

In order to make the changing of the diaper of the younger baby more convenient, the Pampers specialists have developed the Pampers Active Pants diaper shorts. Thanks to the elastic inserts on the sides, they stretch from all sides and are worn like regular panties, and in order to change the diaper, you just have to break the panties on the sides. Stretching belt provides a secure fit of the panties, even during outdoor games, and these panties are very attractive - the design is designed separately for girls and boys of different ages.

The device panty for children of different sexes, too, is slightly different. In order for Pampers Active Pants to work better when the baby performs a variety of movements, plays sitting or standing, the Pampers Active Girl has a double absorbent layer in the middle, which takes into account the anatomy of girls, and in Pampers Active Boy - in front. But the material of the outer layer of panties is the same - very soft and breathable.

So, the Pampers Active Pants diaper shorts are an indispensable thing for a toddler starting to crawl and walk, and, of course, for older children who, thanks to new shorts, can train their dressing skills. But are they good for night sleep? After all, it is not so easy to put on a regular diaper on a rolling baby who already knows how to express his wishes and is accustomed to comfortable panties.

It turns out that the Pampers thought about it. Pampers Active Pants - the driest diaper panties: at night they work as well as during the day and your baby’s skin will remain dry up to 12 hours. The fact is that the Pampers Active Pants shorts are equipped with a special system “Protection of children's dreams”, which protects the skin during the entire night of a child’s sleep. This is important, because an active day can only be a baby who slept well at night.

Starting with pant diapers for children over one year old, today Pampers offers Active Pants and the smallest, third size for babies weighing 6-11 kg. In them, a child who has reached 4-5 months will hone turning skills, and in less than half a year he will try to crawl. Since the rhythm of urination at this age is still quite frequent, the panties of this size have a special moisture indicator in front that changes color from yellow to blue, “prompting” mom when it is time to change the diaper.

According to the Pampers study, over 90% of mothers experience difficulties in changing diapers when their older babies become more mobile. Most respondents would like to switch from ordinary diapers to panties, which are more convenient to change. Now there are all possibilities for this! Pampers Active Boy and Pampers Active Girl are easy to put on and take off and keep your skin dry at night as well as during the day. When the baby begins to crawl and walk, it will be protected by Pampers Active Pants!