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Poor learning - is it treated?

School performance depends on the degree of development of the child’s nervous system: in some, it matures by the age of 7, and in others it is slightly later. This may cause a lag in the curriculum.

Rarely among children does development flow smoothly, without crises and difficulties. The growth of the body is uneven, and the nervous system does not always have time to adapt to it. For example, the brain volume has increased, and the nerve bridges between its divisions are still being formed. Therefore, at first, the child may not only be able to link what he saw, heard and give it a name, correctly pronouncing words and letters.

The development of the nervous system can occur in jumps or waves. For example, a child under 3 years of age is lagging behind in development and knows only a few words, while his peers are already free to talk. Then he sharply increases his vocabulary, starting to speak, “pulls up” in his development, and after that he “gets stuck” again at the acquired level.

Immediately we hasten to reassure parents - this is not a pathology, and there is nothing terrible in the delay of mental development (CRA). The child will catch up - sooner or later. By the age of 12-14, most children level off development, and the child catches up with their peers. But parents would like the development of the child to return to normal as soon as possible, preferably from the lower grades. After all, the sooner the child will acquire the ability to study well, the easier it will be for him to prepare for the senior classes, and then for studying at a higher educational institution.

Which children should pay close attention so as not to miss a possible developmental delay?

You need to start development from preschool age. Mom works with the child: she learns poems with him, shows pictures, leads to museums. If, in spite of all efforts, the child is unable to remember a poem or retell the content of the fairy tale just read by his mother, it is worth thinking about possible difficulties with further education.

A child may want to go to school, do homework after class, but all his efforts will not be enough - he will be aware that other children learn better than him. This is a strong demotivating factor. In each class there is such a student - usually a normal and responsive child who tries his best and cries after lessons, feeling injustice - he tried, and his knowledge was appreciated by the “troika”, and that out of pity ...

These children need help, and your parental love will not be enough (although this is also an excellent medicine for all occasions). When you grow flowers, you understand that they need water, sunny color and special makeup in the form of organic compounds for growth. Similarly, the child’s nervous system needs to be replenished to improve the functioning of the neurons - brain cells. And such a nutrient can be the drug Tenoten children.

Children's tenoten launches the natural mechanism of development. The nutrition of nerve cells improves, the growth of nerve fibers connecting different parts of the brain is accelerated. It improves memory and attention, which leads to improved academic performance. At the same time, the Tenoten of Children does not cause dependence - after its cancellation the child will not return to its former state. If you recall the example of flowers, they will not turn into seeds if you stop feeding them.

Many parents are afraid of drugs. And this is correct - it is better to exercise excessive vigilance in this difficult issue. Children's body is sensitive to various chemical influences. But Children's Tenoten can be added to the list of exceptions: you should not be afraid of it, because the drug does not have a toxic effect on the brain, it only mobilizes the natural processes occurring in the brain.

Of course, without your help, the child will sooner or later catch up with his peers in his development. But is it necessary to let everything go of its own accord, depriving the child of the opportunity to receive the necessary knowledge and pleasure from the knowledge of Novgo? Years spent by a child in the status of a lagging student can make him unsure of his abilities. And it’s already harder to work with ...

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