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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Two beloved men, or How love grows

My world has changed with the advent of my little chick Jaromir! How wonderful it was to feel that he, in me, was pushing with his feet, knocking his tiny heart, a couple more months - and we will get to know each other! How it was exciting and scary: how will everything be, what should I do with this little fragile lump? How to understand it? The longest time is to wait for him to smile. And here is the first smile in response to yours!

How all this is strange! You decided to give life to someone, and here is a new life in you, this is a part of you, inseparable and incomprehensible. A new person is born - yes, he looks like, yes, completely depends on you and trusts you, loves just for what you are. You understand him without words, and it seems that when he sleeps, you can make out all his infant thoughts.

But he is no longer you. A completely different person. Who came to this world? So interesting to know him. What is he like? What character and talent? What is he thinking about, what is he angry about and how to make him laugh?

In my life, now two favorite men. And how to share the love that was between me and the beloved man? Something turns upside down in the mind, in the attitude, the husband suffers, because almost all my time is now occupied by the baby. And love grows and envelops the house, becomes huge, and I want to embrace and make the whole world happy, take pity on every kitten, warm a stray dog, at least do something for those babies who were left by the parents ... But how can you leave the child?

During pregnancy, I became very sensitive, began to cry, looking at other people's feelings in romantic films, and became terribly afraid to watch mystical tapes. And she learned that butter bagels are the most delicious food in the world. I did not know how I could leave work and stay at home, being engaged only in family and everyday life, where to put my free time. And then I didn’t know how to go out to work again - I was used to living in the rhythm of a child.

In our family has become one holiday more. I realized that birthday is actually a mom's holiday, because birth is the mother's efforts and efforts, and not the merit of the one who was born.

When I was shown my baby for the first time, I didn’t know what to do with it. How to swaddle, how to feed, how to bathe. But the first thing I understood is that it is not so fragile! And the fact that he is hungry is very easy to understand - by ridiculous grunting and sniffing, searching for mom. We passed the "young father's course" in the first year, learned what to do with diapers and nipples, pots and rattles, plenty of tips on how to keep-squeak-feed-stack-roll and so on and so forth ...

But every day it becomes more interesting. Here he stopped lying in the stroller. There are so many interesting things around, but he still doesn’t know how to sit - my mother had to become a mother sling to make walks informative. Here he began to crawl, first back to front - we did not know that this happens. A week before the first birthday, he took the first independent step, and now he confidently runs around the yard and rolls the sled!

Here he began to bang, and then speak the first syllables of words. Looking out of the stroller in the morning, she points a finger at each car - this is a question - and mom calls the car brands. A little more time - and he himself calls them, speaks in whole sentences, makes amazing conclusions. He is observant and thoughtful, so he analyzes the new information and gives out something absolutely amazing!

And it is also very important for him that mom and dad be near, and this is not to be replaced by any gift toys, not to pay off cartoons. He catches your eyes, climbs on his hands, turns his face and says: "Mom, play with me!". Guards ears if you're going somewhere without him, and his eyes immediately become like a puppy: "Take me with you!". And I take - on a visit and on shops, in a campaign or for work, on affairs in other city or to the grandmother. For him, the most important thing is the time when we are together. I love to stick my nose into his crown, inhale his own scent, hug, accompanying him to the country of dreams. With him, I returned to my childhood and re-open every new day.

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