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Baby whisperer: Sentence or nonsense?

Baby whisperer: Sentence or nonsense? What is a baby whisperer in fact and what does he do?
Tiring crying babies, a toddler with a gigantic tantrum or brother and sister who are already beating, kicking, pinching and screaming, almost every parent has wondered where it went wrong. How their seemingly unruly pressure-makers can be transformed into calm, quiet little angels who are ready for change for a change.
In addition to the existing assistance, such as pedagogues or social workers, parents who really do not care anymore can now also visit a baby whisperer. But what exactly does such a man or woman do?

Listening without words

The term baby whisperer is not chosen by chance. Because although parenting problems are certainly not limited to the baby's time, a baby whisperer preferably works with young children; babies, toddlers, and young children. The reason for this is obvious; in contrast to babies and toddlers, children can speak well from five or six years and can also tell their own concerns and how they feel. From that age it is more convenient to approach parenting problems with the more traditional care providers, or, from the child's view, the Kindertelefoon.
A baby whisperer provides his services in the form of a consultation. This can be in a neutral location, but for example also in your own home. After all, that is the ideal place to be able to observe in a relaxed and unforced way. Ideally, one home visit is sufficient for a baby whisperer to get an idea of ​​the problem you are experiencing as a family.

Direct questions

That imaging can be done by asking specific questions to you as a parent, but also by listening to the signals that a child conveys without words. That can go quite far, because a little experienced baby whisperer seems to be able to hear a lot of details from such a little one.
In addition to a home visit, most baby listeners also work with a step-by-step plan to clearly indicate which situations need to be improved in your family and how that should be done. Here too, a solution can not only be found in speaking more clearly with your child, but also in placing a cradle differently, by offering different toys, or by taking a closer look at your own past and experiences.


Actually, a baby whisperer does not work very differently than a pedagogue or a social worker. These care providers also use home visits, specific questions and step-by-step plans to glue a disturbed relationship between parent and child. The difference is in the spiritual: a baby whisperer trusts in addition to the home visits and the answers he receives from parents, mainly also on telepathy, body language and the crying noise. Children tell a baby whisperer through this communication, which an untrained parent can not easily perceive. Then it is the baby whisperer's job to find a solution to the problems based on those images and pictures that the child sends out.


"Our son has had a phase where he woke up crying every night. Ignoring was impossible, the crying stopped only when we picked it up and put it in our bed between us. Our night's rest suffered. After the visit of the baby whisper our son slept through the night! Coincidence? The whole week went well. Sometimes he woke up, but we could comfort him and put him back in his bed. Then he always slept through. The baby whisperer advised us to be consistent and gave us further practical advice that also contributed to our tranquility and our health. "

Search for help

Is it difficult to turn on a baby whisperer?
That seems pretty easy. A drastic way is of course to try and get involved in a television broadcast, but by no means everyone sees it as having to appear on television with his having and keeping, and the chances that you really belong to the chosen ones are not too big.
Fortunately, there are more aid workers in the Netherlands who have focused on baby whispering. Many are not there, for example, in the entire North Holland region, there is only one consultancy firm that dedicates itself full-time to baby whispering.


The costs of a private baby whisperer in the Netherlands are around 80 euros per consultation. Be aware that most health insurance companies do not reimburse these costs.
For those who prefer to stay within the limits of their insurance policy, it is therefore perhaps more convenient to look for a homeopathic doctor or other form of assistance that is covered by the insurer. The wide range of books and DVDs that exist on this subject may also be a simpler and affordable alternative.

No waiting time

An advantage of a private baby whisperer is that there is generally no waiting time. In addition, especially for really busy, more difficult children it is nice that they are not sent from the box to the wall, but that a baby whisperer comes to the family.

Books and sites

For those who visit home for a while, but are still very interested in the help a baby whisperer can offer, there are the books and websites of various domestic and foreign baby whisperers such as the famous Derek Ogilvie or the lesser known British baby whisperer Tracy Hogg.

Would it… ?

No matter how spectacular a baby whisper on TV may happen to you, there are of course people who see the actions of a baby whisperer with some skepticism.
Critics argue that a baby whisperer does no more than what professional aid has done for years; good looking and good listening. The roadmap that is presented with so much pride does not seem new. Pedagogues and social workers have been using something like this for years. Then of course the piece of spirituality remains. What is true of that? Is a baby whisperer really unaware of details in the life of mother and child beforehand? Does he really hear and see images, spoken wordlessly by a child who can barely babble? Children can not, of course, contradict him at such a young age.


Parents will soon be inclined to give their trust to everyone who claims that he can take away all problems. When such a man or woman then comes up with facts that you yourself had already forgotten about, or in a convenient way responds to signals that you as a parent release consciously or unconsciously, it is of course enormous seductive to put your trust in the hands of a baby whisperer and to be open to a new course in the education of your child.

Quality control

Another important disadvantage is the fact that there is no official quality control for the baby whisperers. Everyone can really go for baby whisperer without having to submit a diploma or membership. Control of the effect of the aid provided is therefore lacking, and if the treatment does not produce the desired result, there is no commission where you can tell your story.

"I find the approach of a baby whisperer as seen on television superficial and not really convincing. It is very rigid by what telepathy and a home visit can achieve such results. Whether it has something to do with telepathy, I do not know, it is quite possible to observe the same solution after a day of observing. "


It remains natural to guess how far you can assume the professionalism of a baby whisperer. Before you come in contact with a baby whisperer, always try to find out if reliable experiences are known of people who have also had help from this man or woman. Costs and treatment plan are always important points, but in the end you are the parent who assesses whether there is a click with the baby whisperer. A baby whisperer can certainly be a solution to the problems you experience as a parent, whether you only consult him or maybe prefer to work with a combination of aid workers.

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