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Laughter is healthy - Discover 5 tips to laugh more often!

I did not know the existence, but this year I heard about World Smile Day for the first time. And that while the day has been around for almost 10 years. In 1999, Harvey Ball came up with the Word Smile Day. And who is Harvey Ball? Well, that's the man who invented the smiley in 1963. The smiley, as a sign of goodwill and joy. We all know the smiley, probably from our youth. For example with the smiley stickers, but also from chat programs such as ICQ, MSN and Whatsapp. Laughing is healthy! So there should be a lot of laughter. Important day!

Right meaning

The creator of the smiley thought that we had to enter a day to emphasize the correct meaning of the smiley. Namely that you have to laugh on this day and have to do nice things for someone else. Since 1999 the first Friday of the month of October is World Smile Day. Of course you do not have to wait until this day to laugh, otherwise life becomes very boring. And being nice to others, but also to yourself, is of course possible more than once a year.


A smile is not only nice to receive but also to give. I once stood before the red traffic light. Next to me was a car with a man behind the wheel who looked rather sullen in front of him. As I looked at him, he turned his head and looked at me. At that moment I gave him a radiant smile. He smiled back and our smile changed automatically into a real smile and finally even a laughter.
At the moment the light was turning green again, we both continued with a huge smile. That laugh is - at least with me - stuck for quite some time. How simple can life sometimes be and how little is needed to laugh at each other.

Different types of laughter

The smile is just one way of laughing, but there are of course many more types of ways to laugh. Think, for example, of the smirk, the giggle laugh, a flirtatious laugh, a crooked smile, the mischievous smile, the laughter or the laughter. The latter is my favorite. As a teenager, I was already bothered by it (and for that reason I often got enough of it during my school days), but I still can. Regularly I have the laughter, including tears over my cheeks and cramp in my stomach. Often nothing at all. Fortunately, I have a partner who also has this, so sometimes we roar with laughter. What a wonderful feeling is that, what a solidarity and what a relaxation. My adolescent, by the way, does not like that much of us. According to him, parents must be especially boring and certainly not as retarded laughter. His words. Ah, we just laugh at it.

Laughing is healthy

Laughter inhibits the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that stiffens the coronary arteries. If you make less cortisol than that gives better blood flow for those same veins and could reduce the risk of a heart attack. And there are substances that are just created, such as endorphins, serotine and dopamine. These fabrics give a nice feeling and provide more resistance. It is good for your blood pressure. And it seems that you're going to look smarter ... Only that is a good reason to laugh more often!

Research has shown that happy people are healthier than people who worry about everything. People who laugh have a better immune system and are therefore less prone to infections. This is due to the endorphin, the happiness hormone, which is produced during laughter. Endorphine has an analgesic and calming effect.

Laughter as therapy

Did you know that laughter is used even when therapy is used? The laughter therapy is a form of meditation from India to make you mentally relaxed and enjoy the moment. It is the intention that you just laugh out of nowhere. There is no reason, no reason, you just start laughing. Eventually that first laugh, automatically turns into a real laugh. Maybe even including pain in your stomach and tears over your cheeks. The beauty is that if you can laugh so unrestrained, all the difficult thoughts and worries disappear and you can relax completely.
I would say: take a laugh every day. Maybe it feels a bit forced but in the end you really have to laugh. If only for yourself! If you are over that first border, the rest will come naturally.

Laughing tips!

Since laughing is great fun and healthy, we have some tips for you to raise the corners of the mouth more often.

Tip 1: Self-deprecating

Laugh yourself a bit more often. It does not really have to be that serious. Nothing wrong with a healthy portion of self-mockery!

Tip 2: Share your laughter with others

Treat the people around you, even strangers, to a radiant smile. Bet you regularly get a nice smile back ?!

Tip 3: Humor

Sense of humor is best listened closely. Personally, for example, I do not like 'underpants', but rather dry humor, word jokes, self-mockery, cynicism and sarcasm. It is therefore important to find people with the same sense of humor. Then the laugh comes naturally.

Tip 4: Do not be too critical

Do not take everything so heavy and just laugh at your mistakes. We are people and they make mistakes every day. Why be angry with yourself, while you can also laugh at yourself?

Tip 5: Make indoor fun, outdoor fun

Let others especially enjoy your laughter. A chuckle is fun, but laughing together is even more fun! From the inside you can not laugh so intensely, so the tears run down your cheeks. Just throw it out and you will see that your laughter is infectious to others!

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