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Pregnancy calendar - Week 41

How big?

Length± 50 cm
Weight± 3400 grams
Information about the photo
People have an extremely large head compared to their bodies. In order to force the baby through the pelvic cavity, the bones of the mother must first separate. The first time is always the hardest.


You're overdue! Some of the pregnant women go through the 40 weeks. This is not that bad at all, but a small percentage really like it on the due date. With an ultrasound it can be checked whether the baby is still alive. In some cases you can be referred to the hospital.
Your baby is already fully grown, everything is there or on it. You do not have to worry that your baby is suddenly going to grow enormously in these days, in this week your baby grows only a little bit. However, the amount of skin lubricant decreases when it stays longer in your stomach. The skin smear comes as white flakes in the amniotic fluid.
Try to stay calm, of course you look forward to the arrival of your baby but do not be fooled that it takes a little longer now. Maybe the contractions will get going tomorrow!


In some cases it will no longer be possible to give birth at home. In itself that does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your child, but a delivery on the due date brings with it some more risks. In consultation with the maternity nurse the midwife can try to strip you for a home birth, but unfortunately this does not always work.
Do you have a suitcase ready for when you have to go to the hospital? And made a list of important phone numbers?


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