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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Volkov's family - Karpov: "We make all important decisions together!"

The star of the TV series “Voronins”, actress Ekaterina Volkova, and dancer and architect Andrei Karpov, who gained fame through the project “Dancing with the Stars”, are happy spouses and parents of 4-year-old daughter Lisa. Catherine and Andrew talk about the secrets of family happiness, about a healthy lifestyle and about the city, in which you want to return no matter what.

- Catherine, Andrei, what is the secret of your family well-being?

Catherine: The most important thing is that we love each other and support us in everything. Sometimes in our family real passions boil. Usually our conflicts are extinguished by Lisa - she comes up with a doll and says: “Mom, hush: Masha is sleeping”. Then Andrey and I turn to whispers and gradually reconcile. Of course, the main secret is the wisdom of the woman, the keeper of the home.

Andrew: We always remember the memorable dates in our lives, prepare each other surprises and gifts. We always consult each other, we make all important decisions together.

- Do you adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle and teach your daughter to them?

Andrew: I am a supporter of proper nutrition, especially after I had a severe attack of gastritis. Now I am very closely monitoring my health and the health of our family. I feel good after a full hearty breakfast, as a rule, it is oatmeal. He perfectly mastered such a device as a slow cooker. I do not forget that it is necessary to support the body with full-fledged multivitamin complexes, both for children from birth and for adults.

Catherine: I began to prepare for “Dancing with the Stars” with a cleansing of the body - for almost a week I only drank juices and unsweetened compotes, then gradually introduced stewed vegetables into the diet. She took vitamins to strengthen the immune system and as a source of energy with increased physical exertion. I must say, I did not set a goal to lose weight. Because of the work schedule, it is not always possible to adhere to proper nutrition, so vitamins come to the rescue. But Lisa eats everything she wants, except for convenience foods, and be sure to have baby vitamins, especially important for the growth and development of the child.

Andrew: I am a definitive opponent of fast food, candy and chewing gum. As for healthy dishes in our diet, we have one salad, the recipe of which I brought from Italy. Very dietary and healthy dish: we take tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto sauce and balsamic vinegar. We mix all this - and you're done!

- Do you play sports?

Catherine: Seriously - no. I do fitness and swim in the pool, but the gym is not mine. Basic fitness is our daughter. With her activity you will not crouch for a minute.

When I began to prepare to participate in the project “Dancing with the Stars”, we trained every day for six hours.

Andrew: I do fitness and swimming, plus active sports.

- What is the best vacation for you?

Andrew: Scuba diving, rafting, drifting, walking in the mountains, parachuting, just walking through the streets. But this year, when Katya and I went to Rome for her birthday, I was so tired after our active holidays, that I honestly wanted to lie down. But in general I, like my daughter, love movement.

Catherine: I get so tired at work that I just want to lie down, bathe, sunbathe. And then you can walk to the sights.

- And what is your favorite city, where do you want to come back again and again?

Catherine: My city is Paris. We have been there four times already, and I want to go there again and again. This year we traveled to Rome, we walked 110 kilometers! Amazingly beautiful city, but I always want to return to Paris. The plans of Venice and Florence.

Andrew: In Paris, I made an offer to Kate, and this is our favorite city.

- Does Liza travel with you?

Andrew: Yes. When Lisa grew up a bit, we rested with her in Egypt and Turkey.

- How do you cope with fatigue and maintain immunity?

Catherine: Rest always helps me to relax - nothing restores my strength so well. I always find time to visit a beautician, because theatrical makeup spoils the skin. This is a necessity. And I get pleasure from swimming, fitness, massage and sauna. Periodically need to relax.