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Development of baby in month 8

He can now pull himself in a seated position with the help of two fingers of yours and even sit alone for a few seconds! His back may not be completely straight, but it is sufficiently developed to stay in balance. Your child may support one or both hands on the floor.

He is no longer satisfied with sitting alone on his lap, he wants to stand up! Only when he is tired, or sad, does he still like to crawl against you.


Your child learns to use his fingertips more and more during this period. This makes the palm less important. This allows him to take smaller items.
An eight-month-old child can hold and eat a cookie himself. He will now protest if you take something away from him, but he loves to drop his toys from the highchair.
The developments are going fast now, maybe your child is already crawling around? Or is he already trying to get busy?

Sounds look like words

His sounds now increasingly resemble real words. Maybe he says mom or dad for the first time? Incidentally, he will say these words without knowing what they mean. He only repeats the sounds he hears you.

Expansion menu

His menu is now being expanded with a dessert, more diversity in the range of vegetables, meat, chicken or fish and he can now also eat bread (preferably until his first year no whole grain, brown or white bread is fine)!


Around the eighth month, the emotional life of your baby changes. He becomes a bit lonely. He can cling to you if there are many people somewhere. He does not want to be lifted up by strange people. He may be fascinated by his (and your) reflection and / or photographs of himself and / or yours. He likes other children, but he does not play with them yet.

Your child is monotonous

Around the eighth month, the emotional life of your child changes. Previously, your child was still a 'everyone's friend' and smiled at everyone. But now suddenly there is a change. Your child has committed for the first time and now distinguishes between all different people. This emotional bond expresses your child by becoming one-eyed. Your child will be helped extra by the fact that he can now clearly distinguish between the different faces.
Almost all babies experience a period of ignorance. It is a sign that your child is able to attach and it is also the beginning of his identity development.

During this phase, he prefers to be kept only by you or your partner. How long this phase lasts varies from a few weeks to a few months. Sometimes with ups and downs.

You often see insanity again in children of about one and a half years, only it will be less intense at this age.
You can not prevent your child from becoming one-eyed, but try to be as easy and flexible as possible in dealing with your child. It is important that you treat your baby easily from birth. That you do not always bathe your baby yourself, but that you alternate this with your partner. If you do the tasks from the beginning, your child will be easier to deal with. Always try to keep an eye on your child's needs. This gives your child the confidence that you are really there for him when he needs you.

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