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Farewell music - When comforting words fall short, supplements music

Farewell music - When comforting words fall short, supplements music ...

The choice of music at a funeral or cremation is one of the most beautiful ways to give a personal touch to the funeral of your child. Some texts can be very appropriate and evoke beautiful, dear, fun or emotional memories.
Music gives a very personal touch to the funeral. The choice of music is different for everyone. It can be a song performed by a certain artist from a CD, but you can also opt for live music.

Yet you always belong

Music is emotion ... Music is inextricably linked to feeling and there is no better way than to express your feelings with notes, instead of words. But a combination of the right notes and words can only really work wonders ...
Vadersen Moeders found KSK Productions, Wieteke van Dort, Tom Pearce, Hans Meijer and music studio The Box ready - completely disinterested, but full of enthusiasm and conviction - especially for our little angels to release a song.
A unique concept that has been developed into a wonderful result. Yet you always belong is a song specially written for babies who have to say goodbye to us before, during or just after delivery ...
Because we in no way want to earn from this great grief, this song is free (legally) to download from us.


After the launch of 'Still you always hear ...' we found out that there is still a song about this theme. and also free to download. This is the beautiful song 'Baby' by Elly Zuiderveld-Nieman (Elly & Rikkert). This beautiful song can be downloaded here for free. More information can be found at www.ellyenrikkert.nl.

Farewell music from CD

If you want to take care of the music yourself, for example with a CD or cassette tape, make sure that the music carrier with the music is at the Funeral Center a day in advance.
Often there is a piece of music at the entrance, when leaving the room and a number in between. But here too you are free again in the choices you want to make. Ask all your options at your funeral director.

Live music

Live music often touches people more than the music from a sound carrier. But again this is a very personal choice. With live music, more needs to be arranged than when you choose a CD. You can - in consultation with the funeral director - search for the musicians themselves, but you can also leave this to the funeral director.
Maybe you already have a preference? Can a family member sing or make music?
Many musicians need good seats and the place where they sit is also important. For example, if you want live music at the grave, the weather conditions are important. Some instruments can not be used in rainy weather.
More and more auditoriums have their own organ or piano, which is often free to use. Your funeral director can inquire about this or perhaps he is already aware of this.
Think carefully when you decide - for example - to sing live on the funeral of your child. This final tribute can be extremely emotional.

Top 10 (adult) funeral music

A lot of popular music is chosen in the Netherlands. Commonly mentioned titles are November Rain (Guns' n Roses), Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton), Who wants to live forever (Queen) and Heroes (David Bowie).
But Dutch music is also often played out. Consider for example Het water (Marco Borsato), De steen (Paul de Leeuw), Everything that breathes (Rob de Nijs).

According to the Dela Uitvaartmuziek Top 50, the top 10 (not specifically aimed at children's outlets) is composed as follows:

01. Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partire)
02. Eric Clapton | Tears In Heaven (Album Version)
03. Marco Borsato Saying Farewell Does Not Exist (Live 2006 Symphonica)
04. Robbie Williams | Angels (2004 Digital Remaster)
05. Stef Bos Daddy
06. Metallica | Nothing Else Matters
07. Guus Meeuwis | The road
08. Paul de Leeuw | The stone
09. Guns N 'Roses | November Rain (Album Version)
10. Queen & The National Philharmonic Orchestra Who Wants To Live Forever (2011 Remaster)

Source - December 2014

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