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Lines - My fourth week! # blog17

There was not much finished last week, yet I also know how to keep up my diet this week. This is mainly because I did not have a 'target weight' in mind, but I did have a trajectory. I want to do this process for a year and actually I am concerned with the result after a year and not with the results per week. This gives me guidance to continue, even if a week a less result is achieved.


Van Sabina, my Holistic lifestyle coach, I understand that I eat too little at the moment. I eat about half the amount of calories that I should have and are good for me at the moment. There too, probably, lies the core of the lesser weight loss. My body is pretty much in 'shock' and think: 'Aaaarch! I hardly get anything anymore, so hold on to what I can! " So in the course of the week I started to eat something more. Of course not equal the amount that I would be allowed to, because then I will arrive again. But just a little bit more.

I've changed my breakfast more. For example, I sometimes eat a plate of oatmeal, made with almond milk and some fruit. I do this consciously because I've been so cold lately. I hardly eat any carbohydrates, but those are just the heaters of the body. To prevent me from shivering all day, I occasionally take some carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal or spelled bread.


I have not had real temptations this week, despite holidays and cozy bbq's. I notice that I am well in the rhythm and for the 'cozy evenings' I have some nuts in the house. I deliberately opt for fresh, unpeeled pistachio nuts. These are first and foremost tasty, but you also have to peel them first to eat. It is therefore impossible - during an exciting film - to throw a whole hand in unnoticed.
For the in between 'sweet appetite' I have a bar of chocolate. Not my favorite milk chocolate, but a pure bar of 85% cocoa. I certainly do not like it as much as my 'guiltypleasure' Johnny Doodle chocolate, but it is still the 'tasting moment' and because it is so strong in flavor, you do not run the risk that you take much of it. A small piece is actually sufficient.

My menu

Every week I make a big pan of homemade soup. I make seven portions of it, which I always eat for lunch. Upcoming week is the tomato soup. I will give the recipe of this.


2 kilos of tomatoes
2 medium onions
1 red pepper
Cooking cream
Fresh basil
1 bush of celery
Coconut fat (or olive oil)
1½ liters of water

Prepare all ingredients

Cut the peppers, basil, onion and celery into pieces

Bring the tomatoes to the boil for a moment

Rinse the tomatoes in cold water and remove the skins

Fry the onion in a little oil

Add the remaining vegetables and fry briefly

Add the skinned tomatoes and fry briefly

Add the water and stock cubes

Let it boil for 20 minutes

Blender the soup

Add the basil

Add the cooking cream and stir well
Enjoy your meal!
The result

I arrived a week this week, giving a total of 5.5 pounds of weight loss in four weeks. Next week more about that ...

Until next week!

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To be continued.