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Mourning letters

One of the first questions that the funeral director will ask you is whether you want to send grief letters. Do you want this or not? And if you decide to send grief letters, what do you want to put on the mourning card? Again, everything is possible here. You can opt for an existing design, but you can also choose to design a card yourself. Maybe you already have ideas about the text you want to put on the card ...

Types of cards

Selecting a suitable card after the death of your child is a careful process. You can choose a funeral card with a pre-printed image (the funeral attendant can show you different examples), but you can also use your own image. The range of child-rearing cards is limited, which makes it difficult to find a suitable card. Maybe it sounds crazy, but a birth announcement can sometimes be a good alternative. Especially if your child has died during or just after the birth.
Think for example of beautiful cards with detailed images of a foot or a hand. You can also ask the funeral attendant if he has any ideas.
Of course you can also choose to design a funeral card yourself. You can for example use a (detailed) photo (or multiple photos) of your deceased child, but an appropriate drawing of a brother or sister is also possible. This makes the ticket very personal.
Ask the funeral provider about the possibilities.

Content of mourning letter

The funeral parlor has a number of examples of texts that you can put on the mourning card, but here you can make everything very personal. Maybe you have ever read a beautiful, fitting poem somewhere you want to put on the map. Or maybe you want to write a poem yourself!
Also on the internet there are many poems to find that can be very appropriate for the mourning card. Just snuggle around quietly.

We have already assembled a number of examples for you:

Opening sentences mourning card

  • As a budding flower that was picked too early, we left ...
  • In the prime of a life so young and joyful, surrounded by those who loved him, we left ...
  • With sadness we inform you that on [date] our son, whom we hoped for so much, was not entrusted to us.
  • With sadness we inform you that [name] has died on [date]. He was allowed to live only [number] of days, but we were able to give her [number of] nice days at home.
  • We are very sad that after [number of] days has died ...
  • We are very sad that [name] has suddenly been put to sleep. You have given us so much in this short time. We will always love you.
  • He was born on [date]. To our grief we had to relinquish him on [date].

Birth announcement and / or death ticket

If your child has died just after, or during, the birth, the environment must be informed. If there is no birth announcement at a given time, this can lead to painful questions and difficult situations. You can decide to send the selected birth announcement, but with an adapted text. Of course you can also send a special funeral card or place an obituary in a newspaper.


TNT Post does give a certain priority to the delivery of grief letters, but there is only one delivery per day. Therefore, delaying the preparation of the mourning letter will mean that family and acquaintances will receive the letter later. Envelopes with a mourning edge speed up delivery by TNT Post. There is also a special shipping kit for mourning letters for sale at larger post offices. Here the tickets can be sent together and it guarantees an accelerated delivery. In addition, special mourning stamps are available.
Inquire about this at the funeral director, he can tell you all about this and maybe he even has everything with him.

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