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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Acquaintance in social networks and meeting in real life: love at first sight

I want to share my story about how it all began. I met my future husband in social networks. Up to this point, I did not want to start any relationship and did not even think that our meeting would turn everything around.

I registered on one of the dating sites literally on the eve of my birthday, and late at night on June 21, 2013 I receive a message from a rather nice young man with a greeting and a postcard. I was terribly pleased. On the 22nd, already on my birthday, I wrote him the answer - this is how we began communication.

He bombarded me with messages with very beautiful words - how can I resist! At one point, we exchanged phone numbers and made an appointment. Since my future husband is not from my city, it was difficult for him to navigate. Explaining the route to him by phone, I waited for him with great impatience - and now he comes to me ... I don’t know what found me, but I hugged him as an old friend (though I apologized for a long time - I was terribly uncomfortable).

We spent the whole evening wandering around the city at night, standing on the banks of the river, he asked me about my life and talked about myself. I was so interested, and I was immediately drawn to him, like a magnet. Later we came under the rain, but he was not taken aback: when we hid under a canopy, he took off his jacket, put it on such a ledge at the entrance of the house - he could sit on it - and put me there, and hugged. And the warmth of his words warmed me. Then I invited him to my place.

From that day, Vanya (that is the name of my chosen one) has already remained in my heart forever. Without him, I missed, and when he called, his voice and gentle words made my skin crawl. From July 1, 2013, we began to live together. I’m no longer just a girl for him, but a wife, and for me he, too, has ceased to be familiar from the Internet. From this date we do not part. And when I said that I was expecting a baby, he glowed with happiness. Yes, now very soon, in the new 2014, there will be three of us, and we want to legalize our relations.

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