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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Attractive light show in Arnhem zoo

Last Saturday we went to a zoo that was completely new to us. Until a few weeks ago I did not even know that Burgers Zoo existed. Sin, it turned out when we got there. At this zoo we were very friendly welcomed and the animals were already fun before we were inside. Because you can play very well on the bronze animals in front of the entrance.

On the road with a map

Armed with a map, we set off. The zoo is divided into several areas; we started the safari. There are many signposts in the park with symbols on it. For example, children who can not yet read can still search for the right path. Part of the route of the safari was not open at that moment. We could see the animals that we could see very well. There are wooden observation posts where you are covered and you can admire the animals through the glass.

In the bush

In the Bush you almost feel like you're in the jungle. It is almost tropical warm and you see and hear a lot of animals. Some animals fly loose, such as flying dogs and exotic birds. Other animals can be found in and around the water. Furthermore, there are exciting routes along waterfalls, you can walk through stones through the water and there are beautiful flowers and plants to see. The main paths are easily accessible with wheelchairs and prams. You do notice in the whole park that it is located in a hilly area. There are few really flat pieces.


The mangrove looks very new. A nice place where the butterflies show their beautiful wings and where you can see underwater cows swimming underwater. There are a lot of crabs in the mud. In the beginning you seem to see nothing, but the longer you look, the more you can discover.

Winter Latte Macchiato

In the Park Restaurant we have a drink and a delicious meal. The winter latte macchiato is highly recommended! And while we were relaxing for a while, our daughter went to play in the indoor playground. For the smallest there are houses and a low slide, for the older children high wobbly bridges and steeper water slides.

Interior stay

We have seen a lot of animals, but not all animals have been found. Some animals were in their interior, it was very cold outside. Because of this, the routes were not always logical and we walked some pieces double. But because we could see the animals very well, this was not very bad.

Burgers Zoo Light

We were deliberately a bit later in the day, because we wanted to stay until dark. Because up to and including Sunday, March 4th '18, there is Burgers Zoo Light. During the day we had seen a lot of animals in the park. That was nice to see, but we did not pay much attention to that. At 6.15 pm we walked through the park again, but this time it was dark. Now we no longer saw the living animals, but the 'light animals' the better. Trees and plants were also lit with different colors of light, making you imagine yourself in a magical world. The animals that glow so beautifully in the dark, the beautiful colors and the great atmosphere are really recommended to stay until late in the park. We have therefore enjoyed the whole day! When I asked my daughter at the end of the day which animal she liked the most, she said with a deep sigh and a huge smile: "all mommy!"

Video: 2016 Lecture 01 Maps of Meaning: Introduction and Overview (April 2020).